All-Con 2015!

All-Con was fantastic!  Val and Amber had a great time as always.  People have really raised the level of their cosplay once again, and there were even -more- people in cosplay than last year (many also bringing their children in cosplay).
CosPod attended Friday-Sunday, and there are SO MANY PICTURES.  (Many of them concerning a certain entry from Jurassic Park.)  

The pictures can be found here.  The Cosplay Adventures of Valpaca are over here.
The Worbla Armor and Props panel can be found here.
The Friday cosplay contest can be found here.
The Saturday costume contest can be found here.

Big thanks go out to Touchdown Tyler, Drewski, Benihime, In a Time of Cosplay, Schmall Cosplay, Broken Kingdom Cosplay, Pharaohmone, Cosplay With Me Studios, Todd Carlton, Jeff, and the All-Con staff for all of the help this weekend.  You guys are wonderful and we can't thank you enough.

On a special note: we have been graciously invited back to host the Friday cosplay contests for the near future! Thanks to all the Podders for your support--we couldn't have done this without you!

Interviews with the great propmaking duo!  

A wonderful opportunity presented itself to us in the form of two fantastic propmakers agreeing to sit down and interview with us!  Both Harrison Krix of Volpin Props and Bill Doran of Punished Props recently published new books, and we were all over it.
Our interview with Volpin Props can be seen here.
You can purchase his latest book here.
His website can be found here.

Our interview with Punished Props can be seen here.
You can purchase his Foamsmithing series here.
His website can be found here.

Booking Information!

We at CosPod are happy to serve as cosplay guests at your favorite convention!  We have gathered together some basic information about our services and put it online in case you know a convention that is looking for a dynamic cosplay duo as a guest.
We provide a few advantages as a cosplay guest:

1) We're both experienced panelists with a wide range of topics between us.  Our YouTube channel has full footage of our past cosplay panels including academia, armoring, propmaking, sewing, competition, and electronics.

2) We can provide free press services (videography, photography, interviews, online promotion via social media) for you.

3) We're both award-winning cosplayers who have competed in, judged, and now managed/run cosplay contests at major conventions.  Between both of us, we have experience in several cosplay disciplines.

4) We're very self sufficient; we provide all of our own press gear and panel equipment (with the exception of projectors) and don't ask for much from the convention.

If you are interested in having us as a guest (or know someone who might be), please email with the subject line "Convention Guest Inquiry".  Thanks so much!

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