AnimeFest 2017

AnimeFest 2017 has passed into the annals of history!  It was Amber's first time back in 5 years, and Val returned as a judge for the main cosplay contest held in the grand Majestic Theatre in downtown Dallas.
We attended mostly on Friday and Saturday, taking pictures and filming panels before covering the stage cosplay contest on Saturday night.  So many people in cosplay!  A good half of the attendees seemed to be in costume, whether formal or casual.

It was certainly a year for Yuri on Ice as well as other favorites from anime, videogames, even tabletop roleplaying games!  Attendees were eagerly taking photos of each other, friends meeting up again after a year, and volunteers patiently helping those who needed it.  Our full review will be in episode 149!

Article of the Week  

In an effort to help keep our website a bit more up-to-date, and in the spirit of sharing news regarding conventions and cosplay, we present to our listeners our  'Article of the Week' for Nov 12 - Nov 18.  
This week's article is from Bleeding Cool, talking about the first ever American guests to Comic Con Arabia in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

The First American Cosplayers Guests in Saudi Arabia Will Have Rules to Follow

This is a great honor for America, and we give kudos to Saudi Arabia for inviting them to their Comic Con celebrations.  We are glad that citizens of Saudi Arabia are willing and able to celebrate their fandoms and geek out!

Picture borrowed from Riddle's Facebook for the purposes of illustrating the article.

Booking Information!

We at CosPod are happy to serve as cosplay guests at your favorite convention!  We have gathered together some basic information about our services and put it online for reference.  We're also available for media interviews upon request.
We provide a few advantages as a cosplay guest:

1) We're both experienced panelists with a wide range of topics between us.  Our YouTube channel has full footage of our past cosplay panels including academia, armoring, propmaking, sewing, competition, and electronics.

2) We can provide free press services (videography, photography, interviews, online social media promotion) for you.

3) We're both award-winning cosplayers who have competed in, judged, and managed cosplay contests at major conventions.  Between both of us, we have experience in several cosplay disciplines.

4) We're very self sufficient; we provide all of our own equipment and don't ask for much from the convention.

If you are interested in having us as a guest (or would like to request us for an interview), please email with the subject line "Convention Guest Inquiry".  Thanks so much!

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