Project A-Kon 2015!

Project A-Kon time is near!  Only a couple more weeks until the madness commences.  While we're working fast and furiously on our own preparations, here are some resources that we hope will help with your preparations.
Project A-Kon website

Project A-Kon Facebook

Interactive Map of the Anatole (with a ton of embedded photos so that you can see what the hotel looks like)

Unofficial Parking Map

Unofficial Cosplay Photoshoot Schedule

Valerie's panel schedule:
  • All About Body Paint [Friday] - Governor's Lecture Hall, 2:30-4:00pm
  • Academic Anime Crash Course w/ Extra Pok√©mon [Saturday] Stemmons Ballroom A, 3:15-4:15pm
  • Tropes and Tribulations of BioWare [Sunday]  Coral Room, 11:30am-12:30pm

Fellow Cosplay Podcasts  

Hi Podders!  We thought we would take a moment to highlight some of our fellow cosplay podcasters.  CosPod is certainly not the only show about cosplay, and there's plenty of room for everyone to share their takes on our favorite hobby.
Planet-Cosplay -- covering the latest news and events in the Denver cosplay scene.

Costume Station Zero -- a monthly podcast delving into Doctor Who cosplay.

Elite Cosplay Podcast -- videos about cosplay, posing, and photography.

AnimeCons TV -- general convention coverage, including some spiffy cosplay segments.

Cosplay Jam -- cosplaying and conventions through the eyes of Suupaa Kaizoku.

Punished Props -- several playlists here, including Prop: Live, Prop: Talk, Prop: Shop, and Prop: Culture.

Cosplay Open Forum -- an open forum about various cosplay topics by rotating casts of cosplayers.

The CosCast [disbanded] -- discussions about cosplay in the media.

Just Cos [last updated Aug 2014] -- a short film and web series about cosplay and comic book culture.

Try This At Home [last updated Jun 2014] -- tackles intermediate skills of cosplay, including propmaking.

Booking Information!

We at CosPod are happy to serve as cosplay guests at your favorite convention!  We have gathered together some basic information about our services and put it online in case you know a convention that is looking for a dynamic cosplay duo as a guest.
We provide a few advantages as a cosplay guest:

1) We're both experienced panelists with a wide range of topics between us.  Our YouTube channel has full footage of our past cosplay panels including academia, armoring, propmaking, sewing, competition, and electronics.

2) We can provide free press services (videography, photography, interviews, online promotion via social media) for you.

3) We're both award-winning cosplayers who have competed in, judged, and now managed/run cosplay contests at major conventions.  Between both of us, we have experience in several cosplay disciplines.

4) We're very self sufficient; we provide all of our own press gear and panel equipment (with the exception of projectors) and don't ask for much from the convention.

If you are interested in having us as a guest (or know someone who might be), please email with the subject line "Convention Guest Inquiry".  Thanks so much!

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