End of Year Montage...

We're fast approaching the end of our third year as a podcast.  THIRD YEAR!  To celebrate all of our wacky moments, we have a tradition of showing a montage during our last show that includes select moments from the past year.
Of course, there have been zany moments from all sorts of places, whether it's during one of our tutorials, a convention interview, Amber and Val walking the stage in competition, you name it!  We try and be ourselves at all times, the crazy people that we are.

If you, Podders, have any favorite shows or favorite segments of ours that you would like to have included in the end-of-year show, please drop us a line and let us know!  
We put on the show for you guys, and we truly do value your input.  Thanks for listening to and watching the show!  Much love from Amber and Val.  

Call for Correspondents!  

Hey Podders!  We are in the process of trying to expand the show to cover more areas (both physically and figuratively) in the fields of cosplay and costuming.  In order to do this, we're going to need some help.  Here are the details:
Tasks will include reporting on upcoming conventions within your area, providing reviews of conventions, regional discussion on hot cosplay topics, and joining us every few episodes with updates and CosPhilosophy talks.

The primary requirements can be found here in a handy Google Docs-style document, but in short, you must be of age and living in the area you will be reporting on, are a regular convention attendee, and have proper recording equipment for a video podcast.

In return, you will be able to join us in our insanity once every few months to report about cosplay from your region.  We will link to your cosplay profile(s) and website(s)--don't be surprised to see an increase in traffic!  There may also be other perks such as gift cards or special promotions as a way for us to thank you for your efforts and assistance.

We will be seeking a Northern correspondent (representing the Northern US) and a Western correspondent (representing the Western US).  We will also field inquiries for International correspondents.  If interested, please send an email to podcast@cospod.org for more information.  Thanks so much for helping out with the show!

Anime North Texas 2014!

We're back from Anime North Texas!  Wow, it has certainly grown from last year.
The sheer number of cosplayers made for a very photogenic event, yet the convention didn't lose its social relaxation-station feel.  It was nice to kick back!
First, big thanks to the staff of Anime North Texas for being so accommodating to us.
We had a great time, and picking up our press passes was very easy.  The staff have always been friendly and willing to help out wherever needed.  Thank you!

We attended ANT both Saturday and Sunday, taking more pictures than we knew what to do with and filming several of the cosplay panels/events.  The pictures are up on our Facebook page, and the videos are up on our YouTube channel.  Thanks very much to Cat-chan and Benihime for giving the cosplay contestants some tips before the contest
                                                               about stopping to pose!  It helped us get better pictures.

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