DragonCon 2014!

Val has returned from DragonCon!  She had the time of her life and took TONS of photos.  Those will gradually be uploaded to our photo gallery on Facebook once processed; her con review will appear in episode 71.

Here is Val's written review of the con: Life Goal Complete

Here is our growing picture gallery: TONS of photos here!

Episode 71: Vibrating Tribbles has now released for your listening enjoyment.  (You will have to listen to the episode to get that reference.)

GlitchCon 2014!  

We're back from GlitchCon!  We had a fantastic, awesome time as guests and cosplayers, and we'd love to go back next yearus.  Our review of the convention appears in episode 69; also, check out our videos and pictures from Arkansas!
Our pictures can be found here: GlitchCon 2014

Our videos can be found here:
Acting Out for Cosplay
Cosplay Contest

The roadtrip was so much fun!  Exhaustion aside, Amber and Val managed to entertain themselves during the six hours each way; Val was stalked by Google, and Amber unwitting strings of dirty jokes.  No, there is not a recording.  Bwahahaha.

San Japan 2014!

Amber is back from San Japan!  All in all, the convention was a positive experience.  It ended up having the atmosphere of old-school AnimeFest, with the cosplayers and panels very laid-back and relaxed.  That didn't mean the cosplayers left their skills at home, though--rather to the contrary, the cosplay was varied and detailed.
Our videos can be found here:

Closet Cosplay and Alterations

Cosplay Chess (game 1; game 2 was not filmed because Amber was a participant)

Cosplay Contest  

Note: the Body Types for Cosplay panel video was taken down due to poor quality audio.  Unfortunately, even with deep file recovery, the original footage cound not be salvaged for another rendering attempt.  Amber apologizes for this, as well as for the equipment failure that caused very bad interlacing on the Body Paint with the Syrins panel; it too could not be salvaged.

The review of San Japan can be found in episode 68 of the podcast.

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