PAX East 2014!

Val is heading out this weekend to enjoy PAX East!  While it's not quite as big of a cosplay convention as some of its geeky brethren, it's a fantastic place to enjoy gaming, whether at the convention center or through online streaming.
We hope everyone going to conventions this weekend has a fantastic time!  There will be convention commentary when Val returns.

Amber, on the other hand, will be watching the PAX East streams on Twitch TV's PAX East channel.  She highly recommends watching the Acquisitions Incorporated game, streamed live, at 1:30-3:30pm Eastern time on Sunday, April 13th.

For more cosplay-themed pictures, please check out Cosplay in America's Facebook page--he has gotten some fantastic photos of cosplayers at PAX East thus far!

All-Con 2014!  

We're back from All-Con!  What a con it was, full of friends, food, and cosplay.  A LOT of cosplay.  This was probably the most heavily cosplay convention either of us have seen in a long time.  And that's a fantastic thing!
This was not only All-Con's 10th anniversary, but it was also the first time the convention has been held for four days instead of three.  Val managed to celebrate by winning Best in Show at the costume contest on Saturday!

Our pictures can be found here.  Our video has now been edited, rendered, and uploaded to our YouTube channel as a playlist; it can be found here.  

Our official All-Con review has been released in episode 59.  We hope you enjoy it!

*note: we aren't condoning violence here.  We just found it funny that Olaf is still so happy despite losing his head.*

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo!

The first major convention in our calendar has come and gone!  Val represented CosPod well at the convention, dressing as comic book character Enchantress.  
From reports by various attendees, the convention center was packed to the brim! 
Val: My review of Dallas Comic Con: Sci-Fi Expo can be easily summarized by the following: The lines. The lines. The lines.  One day, I'm not sure when but eventually, conventions will find a way to resolve long and lingering line issues with registration, entering facilities, and even when using escalators. There will be a day when they figure it out, and it will be a glorious day. 
So other then being stranded, once again, on the first floor with no way up and the outside staircase, which could more then accommodate multiple people was blocked off, again, it was another hang-out time with friends and new cosplayers.
I also took the time to participate in a memorial for a fellow Texan cosplayer who passed away earlier in the week. It was touching to see how our community came together to support each other and his family during their time of need, without any hesitation. It brought a light to cosplay that we rarely see. Overall, good times with friends. Con still needs to work on, well, lines. Hopefully the move for Dallas Comic Con to the larger convention center will be an improvement. Because Dallas Police surely will not allow people to stand outside to line up.

Val's pictures from the convention can be found here as well as on our Facebook page.  Enjoy!   

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