Next weekend, we'll be in Arkansas for Glitchcon!  CosPod and Velvet Rose Cosplay have been selected as the cosplay guests of honor, and we'll be helping out with teaching panels and judging the cosplay contest.
Here are the panels we are teaching at the con:
Valerie: Acting out for Cosplay, 2pm Friday, Panel Room 3
Amber: Patterning for Cosplay, 4pm Friday, Panel Room 4
Velvet Rose: Cosplay for Beginners, 6pm Friday, Panel Room 4
Valerie & Amber: Cosplay Emergency, 8pm Friday, Panel Room 3
Velvet Rose: Embroidery 101, 1pm Saturday, Panel Room 4
All: Cosplay Contest, 5pm Saturday, main hall
All: Cosplay Q&A, 10am Sunday, Panel Room 4

We may also have a live roundtable podcast Friday night with all of the cosplay guests!  Stay tuned for more information.

San Japan 2014!  

Amber is back from San Japan!  All in all, the convention was a positive experience.  It ended up having the atmosphere of old-school AnimeFest, with the cosplayers and panels very laid-back and relaxed.  That didn't mean the cosplayers left their skills at home!  Rather to the contrary, the cosplay was both varied and detailed.
Our videos can be found here:

Body Types for Cosplay (taken down due to audio loss, attempting to salvage)

Closet Cosplay and Alterations

Cosplay Chess (game one; game two was not filmed because Amber was a participant)

Cosplay Contest

The photos will be uploaded to Facebook very shortly.  The review of San Japan can be found in episode 68 of the podcast, which will be released Wednesday July 30th.  Amber apologizes for the lack of video from the Body Paint with the Syrins panel--the tape that was used to film it was so interlaced that the video could not be salvaged.

Project A-Kon Media

Here are our panel and event videos, Powerpoint presentations, and handout scans. If you have any questions or comments for this year's panels, or suggestions for next year's panels, please email us at Thanks!
Note from Amber: I am not seen in a lot of the video from my panels; that's simply due to space limitations on the Canon setup we used to record.  I'm usually standing just outside of the frame in all of my panels.  However, you can still hear me.  

Complete Propmaking for Cosplay  (Powerpoint)  (Handout)
BAM!  Kicking Your Props Up a Notch
Myth and Mythos of Final Fantasy  (Powerpoint)
Advanced Sewing for Cosplay  (Powerpoint)
Cosplay Contest
Skit Contest
Ani-Idol Winner Performances

Complete Armoring for Cosplay  (Powerpoint)
Acting Out: Cosplay Runway
Interview with Yaya Han

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