San Japan and Glitchcon!

This weekend, Amber will be attending San Japan for the first time; two weeks after that, CosPod will be cosplay guests of honor at Glitchcon.  How's that for a summer convention schedule?
San Japan: I [Amber] am very excited to be attending San Japan!  CosPod has graciously been granted press credentials, so I will be filming as much as I can of the convention to give you guys a view into what goes on in San Antonio.  I've heard nothing but good things about San Japan, so I'm eager for the experience.  I'm going to try and participate in Cosplay Chess as Lina Inverse.

Glitchcon: We will both be attending Glitchcon for the first weekend in August; both of us are offering solo panels and one joint panel, plus [hopefully] a live broadcast from the convention.  We will also be judging the cosplay contest along with Velvet Rose Cosplay and Kagzilla, and Val will be producing a pair of segments about Amber's first experience as a guest and judge.

New Cosplay Articles  

One of our fellow cosplayers linked a pair of provocative cosplay articles that are worth reading; we wanted to share these with you.  The point of these articles isn't to be inflammatory, but rather to encourage us to think about our own cosplay perspectives.
NerdArgufy: Are Cosplayers Ruining Cosplay?

NeedToConsume: We are the Trouble with Nerds

We discuss both articles in episode 67's mini-roundtable segment, so please tune in for our discussion.  If you have thoughts on the matter--or articles about cosplay to share with us--please feel free to contact us via any of our social media.  Please keep the
commentary civil and respectful.

Project A-Kon Media

Here are our panel and event videos, Powerpoint presentations, and handout scans. If you have any questions or comments for this year's panels, or suggestions for next year's panels, please email us at Thanks!
Note from Amber: I am not seen in a lot of the video from my panels; that's simply due to space limitations on the Canon setup we used to record.  I'm usually standing just outside of the frame in all of my panels.  However, you can still hear me.  

Complete Propmaking for Cosplay  (Powerpoint)  (Handout)
BAM!  Kicking Your Props Up a Notch
Myth and Mythos of Final Fantasy  (Powerpoint)
Advanced Sewing for Cosplay  (Powerpoint)
Cosplay Contest
Skit Contest
Ani-Idol Winner Performances

Complete Armoring for Cosplay  (Powerpoint)
Acting Out: Cosplay Runway
Interview with Yaya Han

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