Audience Participation Requested!

Hi Podders!  We have two upcoming events for which we'd love to have your input. For either one, you can participate via any of our social media or via email (see the bottom of this page or the Contact Us page for links).  Please specify which item your input is for in the header or title.  Thanks!
Beginners' Roundtable: We have assembled a team of experienced cosplayers to tackle questions from those just starting out in cosplay.  If you want to get into cosplay or are just starting your cosplay journey, send us any cosplay related question you have!  The panel will answer them on episode 62.

Greatest Cosplay Compliment: We're assembling a list of the greatest cosplay compliments that you, the listeners, have ever received for a particular costume or as a cosplayer in general.  Please send us the best compliment you've ever received so that we can compile them and read them on the show in episode 63.  Thanks as always for listening to our show!

PAX East 2014!  

Val has returned from PAX East!  She had a wonderful time indulging her video gamer side, yet still represented CosPod very well both in interviews and photography.  Here are some of her thoughts about the convention this year.
Val: On the costuming front, lots of costumed people this year!  Glad to see that the restrictions didn't hamper people from coming out in cosplay.  Loads of Grey Wardens
from Dragon Age wandering about, a few Marios, some Commander Shepards, and an Earthworm Jim.  I mean...f !  That made my entire day!  Thanks guy in Jim costume!  I need to find you because I will totally make a "Princess What's-Her-Name" to accompany your costume.

It was a great expo and glad that I could return.  With the announcement of PAX South, I know where my money will be going next year.  2015 San Antonio here I come!  For more photos of PAX East, check out the Flickr set.  Videos to come later!  Mostly of ClapTrap and the Borderlands event.

All-Con 2014!

We're back from All-Con!  What a con it was, full of friends, food, and cosplay.  A LOT of cosplay.  This was probably the most heavily cosplay convention either of us have seen in a long time, and that's a fantastic thing! 
This was not only All-Con's 10 anniversary, but it was also the first time the convention has been held for four days instead of just three.  Val managed to celebrate by winning Best in Show at the costume contest on Saturday!

Our pictures can be found here.  Our videos are now edited, rendered, and uploaded to our YouTube channel as a playlist; it can be found here

Our official All-Con review has been released in episode 59.  We hope you enjoy it!

*note: we aren't condoning violence with this picture.  We just found it funny that Olaf is still so happy despite losing his head.*     

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