Welcome to 2018!

Here we are, we're back again!  That's right, CosPod has been renewed for another year, so you all will have another year's worth of interviews, tutorials, discussions, and all around cosplay goodness.  Prepare yourselves!
If you all have any requests for topics, interview guests, or tutorials, please let us know!  We're happy to try our best to accommodate requests.  If you'd like to see our backlog of interviews, tutorials, discussions, and previous cosplay goodness, head over to the Podcast Page where you'll find our Searchable Index of episodes.

This is our 6th--that's right, SIXTH--year of broadcasting, and we'd like to take a moment to thank each and every person who has ever listened to our podcast.  This year's material will still be completely free, without ads (as far as we can control it), and all we ask in return is that you share our podcast and our page with your friends.

Article of the Week  

In an effort to help keep our website a bit more up-to-date, and in the spirit of sharing news regarding conventions and cosplay, we present to our listeners our  'Article of the Week' for Jan 01 - Jan 6.  
This week's article is from The Independent, discussing the evolution of cosplay from a part time hobby to sometimes even a full time fashion career:

The Cosplay Economy: How Dressing Up Grew Up

It's always interesting to see other takes on the 'evolution' or change over time of our cosplay hobby.  Let us know what you think!

Ellen Hardy as Sindragosa from 'World of Warcraft' (EHR Cosplay)

Booking Information!

We at CosPod are happy to serve as cosplay guests at your favorite convention!  We have gathered together some basic information about our services and put it online for reference.  We're also available for media interviews upon request.
We provide a few advantages as a cosplay guest:

1) We're both experienced panelists with a wide range of topics between us.  Our YouTube channel has full footage of our past cosplay panels including academia, armoring, propmaking, sewing, competition, and electronics.

2) We can provide free press services (videography, photography, interviews, online social media promotion) for you.

3) We're both award-winning cosplayers who have competed in, judged, and managed cosplay contests at major conventions.  Between both of us, we have experience in several cosplay disciplines.

4) We're very self sufficient; we provide all of our own equipment and don't ask for much from the convention.

If you are interested in having us as a guest (or would like to request us for an interview), please email podcast@cospod.org with the subject line "Convention Guest Inquiry".  Thanks so much!

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