All-Con Cosplay Contest!

All-Con is coming up in about three weeks!  We highly encourage participation from everyone (including children), and there are some pretty cool prizes to be won.  We hope this is a fun, new experience for cosplayers and audience alike!
There will be four major categories: Animation and Anime, Manga and Visual Novels, Video Game, and Mixed Media (basically, everything else).  This contest is not limited to anime or Japanese culture; all costumes, provided they meet the rules, are welcome.  If you have been considering competing in a cosplay contest for the first time, this would be a good contest to start with.  To the left are the trophies in their box!

The rules can be found here.  
You can pre-register for the contest here (highly encouraged).
All-Con's website can be found here.

Information about the judges can be found here:
Benihime Cosplay                    Broken Kingdom Cosplay                    Schmall Cosplay

Here is the promo image--please spread this around as much as possible!

Meet Our New Correspondents!  

We have chosen our new correspondents for 2015!  While you may have seen us introducing them briefly on the show, we wanted to give our audience the chance to see their work for themselves.  We're eager to work with them and glad to have them!
Katie, our Eastern correspondent, also goes by the moniker Broken Mirror Cosplay.  Her work can be found here.

Bailey, our Northern correspondent, also goes by the moniker Rose Curry Cosplay.  Her work can be found here.

Kathryn, our Western correspondent, doesn't have a separate cosplay moniker, though she was part of Team Fire for our Cosplay Bowl.  Her work can be found here.

PAX South 2015!

PAX South has completed it inaugural year!  It went incredibly well for the first time; we heard back from many attendees that it was well worth the wait!  While not a cosplay-specific con, Texas definitely showed it has a LARGE cosplayer base.
The Penny Arcade team chose the beautiful Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center to host their rather large debut (alongside a couple of other pre-booked conventions).
By all accounts, the convention center will allow room to grow for future PAX years.

If you weren't able to attend (like Amber) and want to see the archived videos, please visit PAX's Twitch TV channel here.  (The Paul and Storm concert was fantastic, as was the performance by The Returners.)

If you would like to see good quality photos of cosplayers from the convention, please check out Val's archive here as well as the pages for our fellow photographers Cosplay in America and David Ngo.

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