Extra Life Marathon 2015!

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in Extra Life this year!  Val's team managed to make their goal and then some; RoosterTeeth's team made an incredible surge this year to net over $320,000!  All for a great cause.
As always, we encourage our listeners and audience members to continue participating in Extra Life even though the videogaming streams are over.  You can still donate monies to teams, or to Extra Life itself via their website!  100% of the monies go towards the selected charities; none of the gamers keep any of the funds for themselves.  This is truly an altruistic effort by the thousands of participants in the marathon.

Other teams that participated include Reddit, The Nerdist, Geek and Sundry, Battle Royale Games, Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons (yes, they're playing D&D--including Chris Perkins!), Rackspace,  Nintendo, and Hasbro.

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2015!  

Fan Days are here again...that is, the October edition of Dallas Comic Con!  What was formerly known as a Star Wars-centric convention has now become a pan-glomerate of all sorts of fandoms, from comics to sci-fi to fantasy.
As the change to Canada's Fan Expo line is finalized, Dallas Comic Con rounds out another year of bringing fans and celebrities together for a weekend of autographs, photos, and panels.  This year brought Lucy Lawless, the cast of The Karate Kid, and more Doctor Who companions together under the roof of the Irving Convention Center.

Val's photo album from the convention can be found here.

While the convention lacked some of its normal pop, fans who wanted to see their favorite TV and film stars got their fill.  We hope all attendees had a lovely time!

Booking Information!

We at CosPod are happy to serve as cosplay guests at your favorite convention!  We have gathered together some basic information about our services and put it online for reference.  We're also available for media interviews upon inquiry.
We provide a few advantages as a cosplay guest:

1) We're both experienced panelists with a wide range of topics between us.  Our YouTube channel has full footage of our past cosplay panels including academia, armoring, propmaking, sewing, competition, and electronics.

2) We can provide free press services (videography, photography, interviews, online promotion via social media) for you.

3) We're both award-winning cosplayers who have competed in, judged, and now managed/run cosplay contests at major conventions.  Between both of us, we have experience in several cosplay disciplines.

4) We're very self sufficient; we provide all of our own press gear and panel equipment (with the exception of projectors) and don't ask for much from the convention.

If you are interested in having us as a guest (or would like to request us for an interview), please email podcast@cospod.org with the subject line "Convention Guest Inquiry".  Thanks so much!

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