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Podcast Episode Index

Here is a searchable list of topics covered in each episode.  Please use Ctrl+F or your preferred search function to find a given topic, guest, or convention name.  Each listing is also a clickable link that will open the downloadable MP4 for that episode.

Episodes 1-10:
Episode 1: Introductions, wig care, craft foam, CosPhilsophy
Episode 2: Wig care, macrame tutorial, emergency repair kits, book review
Episode 3: CosPhilosophy, custom bias tape tutorial, paint
Episode 4: Mini A-Kon, centered zipper tutorial
Episode 5: All-Con preview, circle skirts tutorial, accuracy vs originality
Episode 6: All-Con review
Episode 7: All-Con review, Anime Matsuri preview, competition (CosPhilosophy)
Episode 8: Anime Matsuri review, wig cutting tutorial, paper mache, interview with Elemental Photography
Episode 9: Boot covers tutorial, armor planning, weight (CosPhilosophy)
Episode 10: Age in Cosplay (roundtable with Dany of 2D Manor Cosplay and Pharaohmone)

Episodes 11-20:
Episode 11: Convention packing and survival
Episode 12: Fanime review, Project A-Kon preview, roundtable
Episode 13: Duct tape dummy heads tutorial, sectioned staves tutorial, interview with Marika of Foxy Cosplay
Episode 14: Dyeing with fabric paint tutorial, EVA foam, criticism (CosPhilosophy)
Episode 15: Hand sewing tutorial, paints
Episode 16: DFW Costumers Guild Lost Weekend review, AnimeFest preview
Episode 17: Convention stories
Episode 18: AnimeFest review, interview with Mike Iverson of Blind Squirrel Props
Episode 19: Wig wefts tutorial, Rene Bergh pattern books review, simplicity vs complexity (CosPhilosophy)
Episode 20: Hetalia gathering, interview with Evil Twins Cosplay

Episodes 21-30:
Episode 21: Halloween
Episode 22: Golden D'Or, fabrics shopping
Episode 23: Black and Decker variable temperature heat gun review, EVA foam, heat shaping armor tutorial
Episode 24: Wig wefts, molds for resin casting, Thanksgiving
Episode 25: Thanksgiving, Christmas, conventions, spiking wigs
Episode 26: Holidays
Episode 27: Anniversary, cosplay portfolios
Episode 28: King of Nerds, JoAnn Fabrics, budgeting, Viking sewing machine review
Episode 29: Mini A-Kon, bullying roundtable, The Rules of Cosplay, generic Dremel rotary tool review
Episode 30: Dallas Sci-Fi Expo, purchasing costumes online

Episodes 31-40:
Episode 31: Ideas for future cosplay, lifecasting tutorial
Episode 32: All-Con review, foamboard sword tutorial, cosplay confessions
Episode 33: PAX East review, essential skills for cosplayers
Episode 34: Live crafting session
Episode 35: Cosplay is Not Consent
Episode 36: CosCast, cosplaying a character you don't resemble
Episode 37: Competition in cosplay
Episode 38: Live from Project A-Kon, cosplay photography
Episode 39: Project A-Kon review, interview with Ana Aesthetic/Meredith Placko, cosplay photography
Episode 40: Mod Melts review, fiberglassing tutorial

Episodes 41-50:
Episode 41: Bald cap tutorial, cosplay confessions
Episode 42: Cosplay questions, Barbeqon, Comic Con, unboxing
Episode 43: Interview with Cupcake Cosplay
Episode 44: AnimeFest, sectioned weapons tutorial, body image, Heroes of Cosplay
Episode 45: Duct tape dummy tutorial
Episode 46: Live crafting session
Episode 47: Cosplay questions, wigs, armor making
Episode 48: Texas Renaissance Festival, sword sheath/scabbard tutorial
Episode 49: Cosplay videos, announcements
Episode 50: Anime North Texas, competition

Episodes 51-60:
Episode 51: Cosplay forums, Otaku House
Episode 52: Cosplay montage, interview with Kamui/Svetlana Quindt
Episode 53: Interview with Cosplayer Nation, convention schedules
Episode 54: Black and Decker RTX rotary tool review, packing for conventions
Episode 55: Why we cosplay, professional cosplayers
Episode 56: Armoring, beading, Photoshop
Episode 57: Armor structure, interview with Alan Irwin
Episode 58: Cosplay competition, roundtable with Tyler Touchdown, Benihime, and Velvet Rose Cosplay
Episode 59: All-Con review, cosplay questions
Episode 60: Mehron bald cap kit unboxing, mitred corners tutorial

Episodes 61-70:
Episode 61: PAX East review, Mehron bald cap kit review, wig cutting tutorial
Episode 62: Roundtable with Mythos Creations, Pharaohmone, and 2D Manor Costuming
Episode 63: Star Wars, 501st
Episode 64: Project A-Kon preview
Episode 65: Project A-Kon review

Episode 66: Professional photoshoots, cosplay portfolios
Episode 67: San Japan preview, GlitchCon announcement, CosPhilosophy on revealing cosplay
Episode 68: San Japan review, GlitchCon preview, Comic Con, DFW Costumers' Guild Lost Weekend
Episode 69: GlitchCon review
Episode 70: DragonCon preview, contest winner, wig debate

Episodes 71-80:
Episode 71: DragonCon review
Episode 72: Elven knives tutorial, bisento tutorial, CosPhilosophy on artbook and custom-design cosplay
Episode 73: CosPhilosophy on convention culture and cosplay as an escape from reality
Episode 74: Game Companion, movie costuming
Episode 75: Halloween, After-Dark
Episode 76: BlizzCon, Anime North Texas preview, Cosplay Boom, GoFundMe controversy
Episode 77: Anime North Texas review, PBS cosplay mini-documentary, Complex article on the Golden Age of Cosplay
Episode 78: Choosing cosplays, Star Wars, race and color in cosplay
Episode 79: Interview with Li Kovacs (formerly known as PikminLink), end of year montage
Episode 80: Convention schedule, introduction to new correspondents, CosPhilosophy on hosting cosplay gatherings

Episodes 81-90:
Episode 81: PAX South preview, gloves tutorial
Episode 82: PAX South review, Cosplay Bowl
Episode 83: Cosplay news, soliciting money for cosplayer photos and cosplay videos, true cost of commissions
Episode 84: Interview with Volpin Props, updates on All-Con, dress color controversy (accuracy in color for cosplay)
Episode 85: Interview with Punished Props, review of All-Con, critique of our management of the cosplay contest
Episode 86: Cosplay in the media, Razzle Dazzle Cosplay Magazine, body type in cosplay, circle skirt tutorial
Episode 87: Review of Anime Boston, roundtable on what we wish we had known as cosplay beginners
Episode 88: Review of Volpin's latest book on Painting and Weathering, tutorial on hand sewing
Episode 89: Folding weapon tutorial, interview with CC Cosplay Studios
Episode 90: Project A-Kon preview, Big Wow ComicFest review

Episodes 91-100:
Episode 91: Project A-Kon review, CosBox introduction
Episode 92: Cosplay news, CausePlay, cosplay break rooms, first costumes, alpaca armor
Episode 93: Interview with Atelier Heidi, ScrewAttack Gaming Convention (SGC), tutorial on embroidery by hand and puffy paint
Episode 94: Review of SGC 2015, materials in armoring
Episode 95: Reviews of San Fran Japan Fest, ACen, PortCon Maine, AnimeNext
Episode 96: Angelus leather paints, cosplay crowdfunding
Episode 97: DragonCon preview, undergarments in cosplay, cosplay look-alikes
Episode 98: DragonCon review, PAX Prime review
Episode 99: Interview with Ejen of Cosplay in America, giving back to charity by cosplayers
Episode 100: History of CosPod, fav moments montage, roundtable with SEC-C Cosplay's Kiya Sofia and Vorpal Props

Episodes 101-110:
Episode 101: Halloween costume trends for 2015
Episode 102: Preview of Anime North Texas, review of WCS documentary, tutorial/review on Aradani's latex elf ears
Episode 103: Cosplay news, TwitchCon review, BlizzCon costume contest
Episode 104: Anime North Texas 2015 review, interview with Quantum Destiny
Episode 105: CosPhilosophy on recent cosplay competition articles by Kamui and Vicious Cosplay
Episode 106: Review of 2015 (montage), preview of 2016, part 2 of CosPhilosophy on recent cosplay competition articles
Episode 107: Preview of PAX South 2016, CosPhilosophy on recent controversy over professional cosplay guests at cons
Episode 108: Review of PAX South 2016, interview with Fev of Fev Studios
Episode 109: Review of Dallas Comic Con, CosPhilosophy on fabric drama/controversy
Episode 110: Kotaku AU article on contest judging, choosing cosplay materials, scroll saw tutorial

Episodes 111-120:
Episode 111: Preview of All-Con
Episode 112: Review of All-Con
Episode 113: Presenting panels effectively
Episode 114: Cosplaying for income, getting a cosplay degree, drafting patterns from scratch
Episode 115: Cosplay crafting, cosplay news
Episode 116: Money for Facebook Likes, Santa Fe Comic Con, cosplay guesting, preview of Project A-Kon
Episode 117: Project A-Kon review
Episode 118: Foodstuffs at conventions
Episode 119: Creating your own original take on established characters, corruption in cosplay
Episode 120: RTX review, using muscle suits and padding to enhance cosplay

Episodes 121-130:
Episode 121: Cosplay news, niche cosplays
Episode 122: InfiniCon review, running cosplay contests
Episode 123: Halloween cosplay trends, talking to judges at cosplay contests
Episode 124: NYCC, PAX West, costumers vs cosplayers, changing skin tone for accuracy
Episode 125: Cosplay news, TwitchCon cosplay contest, best-of cosplay lists
Episode 126: Halloween trends, latest cosplay fashions
Episode 127: Cat cosplay, cosfame memes, embossing tutorial
Episode 128: Holiday gift ideas for your favorite cosplayer or costumer
Episode 129: Inception of cosplay, merging sewing patterns together
Episode 130: Cosplay news, Fair Use of cosplay photography, Blizzcon review

Episodes 131-140:
Episode 131: End of year montage, cosplay moments from 2016, plans and predictions for 2017
Episode 132: Marvelous Nerd Year's Eve review, All-Con contest signups, Phoenix Comic-Con's volunteer policy change
Episode 133: Cosplay news, All-Con cosplay contest updates, weathering tutorial
Episode 134: PAX South review, Miss Universe costume review
Episode 135: Interview with Shinka Studios, current pricing system for conventions and badges
Episode 136: Interview with AmazonMandy, All-Con preview
Episode 137: Review of All-Con, preview of Cosplay Melee
Episode 138: Review of cosplay app Cosmunity, Cosplay Melee
Episode 139: Cosplay news, Anime Expo's new contest categories, announcements for Project A-Kon/AnimeFest/InfiniCon
Episode 140: Preparing/cooking food for conventions

Episodes 141-150:
Episode 141: Cosplay photoshoot locations
Episode 142: Enjoying your first convention
Episode 143: Project A-Kon review
Episode 144: Love of cosplay
Episode 145: InfiniCon, tutorial on petticoats
Episode 146: Review of Arda's Silky Wigs line
Episode 147: FandomFest fallout, convention expectations, preview of InfiniCon and AnimeFest
Episode 148: InfiniCon review, AnimeFest preview, WCS skits review, preview of patterns and costumes for fall 2017
Episode 149: AnimeFest review, QuakeCon review
Episode 150: Cosplay burnout

Episodes 151-160:
Episode 151: Sexy cosplay, Halloween previews
Episode 152: Halloween After Dark (NSFW)
Episode 153: Wig cutting tips
Episode 154: BlizzCon review, convention blacklisting
Episode 155: Cosplay holiday gift giving list
Episode 156: Cosplay is Not Consent trademark attempt, CosplayCon is conned
Episode 157: Year in review (5th year of broadcasting)
Episode 158: New year plans for cosplay and conventions
Episode 159: Planning and selecting materials for cosplay
Episode 160: Product review of DesignMaster's Tint-it spray dye