Episode 91: A-Kon Review

   Episode 91: Val reviews Project A-Kon with special guests
     Velvet Rose Cosplay and Seifer-Sama.  Also, CosBox is
     introduced formally for the first time.

Episode 94: SGC 2015

   Episode 94: Val reviews SGC 2015, and both hosts talk
     about various materials that can be used in armoring.
     Keep sending in your episode 100 recordings!

Episode 97: Here There Be Dragons

   Episode 97: This ep has content overload!  Enjoy a preview      of DragonCon, discussions about proper undergarments
     in cosplay, and CosPhilosophy on cosplay look-alikes.

Episode 93: Sensible Shenanigans

    Episode 93: We interview Atelier Heidi and chat about
     ScrewAttack Gaming Convention (SGC), and Val provides
     a tutorial on embroidery by hand and with puffy paint.

Episode 96: Unicorns and Rainbows

   Episode 96: Val reviews her latest find in Angelus leather
     paints, and both hosts discuss the philosophy of
     cosplay crowdfunding.

Episode 99: Cosplay in America

   Episode 99: Amber interviews the very cool Ejen of 
     Cosplay in America, and we talk about the different ways
     cosplayers can give back to charity.

Episode 92: Armoring Alpacas

   Episode 92: We cover a ton of news, including CausePlay,
     book tours, Cosplay Boom, first costumes, cosplay break
     rooms, and yes, Amber addresses her alpaca armoring.

Episode 95: Convention Conversations

    Episode 95: Amber is out with family, so Val and our brave
     correspondents break down recent conventions into
     enjoyable chunks.  Aftersession is WCS review!

Episode 98: PAX Dragonum

   Episode 98: Val reviews her experiences at DragonCon,
     and correspondent Kathryn joins in with her experiences
     at PAX Prime.

Episode 100: The Cake Is Real

   Episode 100: We celebrate in style with a montage of your
     (and our) favorite moments of the last 99 episodes, and
     we talk the future of cosplay with some awesome guests.