Episode 81: The Gloves Are Off

   Episode 81: This Val-centric episode previews PAX South
     as well as presents a tutorial on how to make gloves.  Go
     go cosplay hijinks!

Episode 84: Giving Props

   Episode 84: We interview the awesome Volpin Props
     about his new e-book covering the techniques of painting
     as well as provide updates about All-Con.

Episode 87: Wishful Thinking

   Episode 87: Correspondent Katie reviews Anime Boston,
     and we have a roundtable about what we wish we had
     known as cosplay beginners.

Episode 83: Cosplay in Spaaaaace

    Episode 83: In Controversies and Commissions, we chat
     about cosplay in the news, soliciting money for videos      
     and pictures, and the true cost of commissions.

Episode 86: Media Mashup

   Episode 86: We break down the latest cosplay news in the
     media, including the release of Razzle Dazzle cosplay
     magazine, body types, and a circle skirt tutorial.

Episode 89: Explosions Ahoy

   Episode 89: Michael Bay makes a cameo apperance in the      form of explosions; Amber provides a folding weapon
     tutorial, and Val interviews CC Cosplay Studios.

Episode 82: Bowl'ing for Cosplay

   Episode 82: We present our first annual Cosplay Bowl (an
     amusing combination of Fantasy Football and cosplay)
     for your viewing pleasure.  Team Fire vs Team Spandex!

Episode 85: The Punisher

    Episode 85: We interview the ever-cool Punished Props
     as well as review the epic fun that was All-Con 11.  We
     also critique our efforts running the cosplay contest.

Episode 88: Feeling Bookish

   Episode 88: We both review Volpin's latest book on
     Painting and Weathering, and Val provides a handy 
     tutorial on hand sewing.

Episode 90: A-Kon Preview

   Episode 90: We preview Project A-Kon as well as chat
     with our correspondent Kathryn about San Jose's Big
     Wow ComicFest.  See you at A-Kon!