Episode 71: Vibrating Tribbles

   Episode 71: We spend the episode reviewing and
     critiquing the various parts of DragonCon.  Yes, there are
     vibrating tribbles in the episode.  Give it a watch!

Episode 74: Game Companion

   Episode 74: We chat with the costume designers from
     Game Companion, a new film short by Brian Morelan.  
     There's also our usual updates and chicanery.

Episode 77: Golden Age of Cosplay

   Episode 77: Amber rejoins the podcast along with special
     guest Charlemagne Cosplay to review Anime North
     Texas as well as discussing the Golden Age of Cosplay.

Episode 73: A Dose of Reality

    Episode 73: Amber and Val discuss a few recent articles
     on cosplay, including one on CNN about cosplay as an
     escape from reality.

Episode 76: Val Rides Solo

   Episode 76: Val rides solo this time, discussing BlizzCon,
     Anime North Texas, Cosplay Boom, and controversy over
     cosplayers' use of GoFundMe for costumes and travel.

Episode 79: End of 2014.  Narf!

   Episode 79: For our end of 2014 episode, we interview Li
     Kovacs (aka Pikmin Link) and show a montage of our
     wacky hijinks from this year.  Goodbye, 2014!

Episode 72: Magic in a Jar

   Episode 72: Amber takes over this time for a pair of
     tutorials on blades and knives, and we discuss artbook
     and custom costuming in our CosPhilosophy segment.

Episode 75: Halloween 2014!

    Episode 75: We celebrate Halloween with our annual
     After-Dark episode.  We host guests Matt Lewis of
     CosCast and Elin Winkler of Radio Comix.

Episode 78: When Cosplayers Attack

   Episode 78: In this episode, we tackle our giveaway 
     winner's topic of choosing our cosplays as well as
     addressing the controversy in the latest Star Wars teaser.

Episode 80: A New Year

   Episode 80: We greet 2015 with a new convention
     schedule, new correspondents, and a CosPhilosophy
     discussion on hosting cosplay gatherings.