Episode 61: Happy Pantsu

   Episode 61: Val reviews PAX East and presents a followup
     to her unboxing of the Mehron bald cap kit in episode 60.
     Stylist Gilliam presents a segment on wig cutting.

Episode 64: Koooooonnnnnn

   Episode 64: We prepare for Project A-Kon 25!  Here's a
     view into our planning, as well as discussion about our
     hopes for the convention during it's 25th anniversary.

Episode 67: San Ja-ntonio!

   Episode 67: Amber previews San Japan (in San Antonio),
     we make a special guest announcement, and in our
     CosPhilosophy segment we talk about revealing cosplay.

Episode 63: May the Fourth

    Episode 63: Your hosts talk about everything Star Wars,
     including the latest casting news, costuming moves,
     and lore changes that affect the 501st.

Episode 66: Magic Juju Beans

   Episode 66: Amber tells stories about her first professional
     photoshoot, and Val does a detailed segment on making
     cosplay portfolios.  Watch the Aftersession!

Episode 69: Highbeam Hijinks

   Episode 69: We review GlitchCon, and Amber gives her
     impressions of being a guest and cosplay judge for the
     first time.  We also have an Aftersession this time!

Episode 62: Just Do It Already 

   Episode 62: We have a cosplayers' roundtable with Mythos
     Creations, Pharaohmone, and 2D Manor Costuming.  A
     very lively and informative discussion for all levels!

Episode 65: Project A-Kon 25

    Episode 65: We review the busy fun that was Project
     A-Kon 25!  The con pulled out all the stops to celebrate its
     milestone, and we were there to cover it.

Episode 68: CosPod ConFab

   Episode 68: We celebrate conventions of all kinds in this
     episode, including Comic Con,  DFWCG Lost Costumers'
     Weekend, San Japan, and GlitchCon with Velvet Rose!

Episode 70: Dog Days of Summer

   Episode 70: Val previews the epic convention that is
     DragonCon, we announce our trivia contest winner, and
     we have an experimental debate over wearing wigs.