Episode 51: Spinning Websites

   Episode 51: We chat about the current state of cosplay
     websites as well as the recent controversy surrounding
     Otaku House.

Episode 54: Show and Tell

   Episode 54: Amber shows off all of the cosplay things she
     has been working on and does a product review for the
     B&D RTX-B.  We also talk about packing for conventions.

Episode 57: Amber's Armoury

   Episode 57: Amber demonstrates the structure of her Sif
     armor, and we host special guest Alan to talk about all
     things cosplay!  A hilarious Aftersession ensues.

Episode 53: Cosplayer Nation

    Episode 53: We sit down with the gentlemen of Cosplayer
     Nation to discuss their new documentary; also, we go
     over our convention schedule for 2014.

Episode 56: Cos'ing Trouble

   Episode 56: In this episode, Amber has more armoring
     updates, Val waxes eloquently about beading, and we
     talk Photoshop in today's CosPhilosophy segment.

Episode 59: All-Con 2014

   Episode 59: We review the good and the bad of All-Con
     2014, along with answering the audience's questions
     about various cosplay issues.

Episode 52: Connecting with Kamui

   Episode 52: We present a montage of our favorite cosplay
     moments of 2013, and we end the year with a bang as
     we interview Kamui Cosplay!

Episode 55: Naptime

    Episode 55: Despite exhaustion, your hosts put on a lively
     discussion about why we cosplay, what makes a 'pro'
     cosplayer, and Val gives her beading and cones update.

Episode 58: Around the Table

   Episode 58: Val hosts a roundtable with Benihime, Tyler
     Touchdown Cosplay, and Velvet Rose Cosplay about the
     the culture of cosplay competition.

Episode 60: It's Mornin' Time

   Episode 60: Val unboxes a Mehron bald cap kit, Amber
     does a tutorial about mitred corners, and both hosts
     update the audience on their cosplay progress.