Episode 41: Bald Confessions

   Episode 41: Val obliges the audience with a bald cap
     tutorial, and Amber makes some self-conscious cosplay

Episode 44: AnimeFest 2013

   Episode 44: Val reviews AnimeFest, Amber gives a tutorial
     on making sectioned weapons, and both ladies talk body.
     image in cosplay (prompted by Heroes of Cosplay).

Episode 47: Answer the Questions

   Episode 47: We answer several common questions found      on cosplay forums and give tips and tricks on everything        from wigs to armor making.

Episode 43: Cupcake Cosplay

    Episode 43: We sit down with the wonderful ladies of
     Cupcake Cosplay for a wide ranging interview.

Episode 46: It's Craftin' Time

   Episode 46: We offer another glimpse into our cosplay
     crafting sessions; Val talks about emus while Amber
     can't hear her (as she's using a Dremel sanding tool).

Episode 49: Magic Moving Pictures

   Episode 49: We talk about cosplay videos, a subject near        and dear to Val's heart.  Also, we have a TON of
     announcements along with cosplay updates.

Episode 42: Cosplay, the Universe....

   Episode 42: ...and Everything!  Amber and Val tackle all of
     your cosplay questions.  Also, BarbeQon, Comic Con, 
     and Val does her first live unboxing.

Episode 45: Sticky Situation

    Episode 45: Amber volunteers to have a duct tape dummy      made, and Val obliges by wrapping her up in duct tape as      we bring you a rather wacky and tangent-filled tutorial.

Episode 48: Get Some Galadriel

   Episode 48: Amber gushes over her experience at Texas
     Renaissance Festival and also presents a tutorial on
     making custom sword scabbards.

Episode 50: Big Ass Gem

   Episode 50: We give our critical reviews of Anime North
     Texas and show a little bit of the footage we took while
     there.  The Aftersession has an Epic Val Rant.