Episode 31: Cos-Stumped

   Episode 31: Amber is stumped on ideas for future 
     cosplay and asks for help while Val educates the
     audience about lifecasting.

Episode 34: Cos-Craftin'

   Episode 34: Your hosts give you a look at a crafting 
     session in their own homes as well as insight into how
     they work on their cosplay.

Episode 37: Competition

   Episode 37: We talk about all things competition, from
     preparing poses to sitting behind the judges' table.

Episode 33: Essential PAX

    Episode 33: TifaIA shares her experiences at PAX East
     2013, and both ladies talk about the essential skills
     cosplayers should have in the CosPhilosophy segment.

Episode 36: Cos-Pod-Cast

   Episode 36: We join with the hosts of CosCast to discuss
     cosplaying as someone you don't resemble.  It was a
     great time!

Episode 39: Val's Episode

   Episode 39: A mostly Val-centric episode where we finish
     our A-Kon musings, interview the lovely Ana Aesthetic,            and discuss working with a cosplay photographer.

Episode 32: Forcecast

   Episode 32: We review the busy fun that was All-Con,
     demonstrate a sword tutorial based on a Featherweight
     method, and end with the new Cosplay Confessions.

Episode 35: Cos-Consent

    Episode 35: We talk about the Cosplay is Not Consent
     controversy along with other cosplay topics.

Episode 38: Live From Project A-Kon

   Episode 38: CosPod records their first live convention 
     show.  We review parts of the convention and talk about
     cosplay photography.

Episode 40: Hot Mod

   Episode 40: Amber takes over this time for an in-depth
     product review of Mod Melts as well as a tutorial on
     fiberglassing basics.