Episode 21: Hallowhat

   Episode 21: We spend this After Dark episode with two of
     the hosts of Raddcast.  Note: not safe for work or kids.

Episode 24: Moldy Wigs

   Episode 24: TifaIA shows her stuff as she presents
     segments on wig wefting and creating molds for resin
     casting.  Also, Thanksgiving!

Episode 27: Happy Anniversary

   Episode 27: CosPod turns a year old with a montage of
     our favorite moments, as well as a segment on building
     cosplay portfolios.

Episode 23: Burning Down the Apt.

    Episode 23: Amber takes over this episode with a review
     of a Black and Decker heat gun, which she proceeds to
     use in a heat-shaping tutorial for EVA foam armor.

Episode 26: Happy Holidays

   Episode 26: A mini-episode from the hosts talking about
     the holidays.

Episode 29: Mini Tables and Tools

   Episode 29: Amber reviews Mini A-Kon, Val summarizes
     her Roundtable with Benihime, both ladies talk The
     Rules of Cosplay, and Amber reviews a mini rotary tool.

Episode 22: CosPod Does Dallas

   Episode 22: Amber and Val visit Golden D'Or, a VERY 
     LARGE fabric distribution center in Dallas.  Hijinks

Episode 25: 25 Days of Cos-Mas

    Episode 25: CosPod chats Thanksgiving, Christmas,
     conventions, and TifaIA presents a tutorial on spiking

Episode 28: Budgets and Banter

   Episode 28: Your hosts-in-cosplay talk upcoming projects,
     King of Nerds, listener shoutouts, a trip to JoAnn Fabrics,
     and TifaIA reviews her totally awesome sewing machine.

Episode 30: Val-uable Advice

   Episode 30: Amber makes terrible puns and nearly loses
     her voice after having to stall for Val, who reviews Dallas
     Sci-Fi Expo.  We also talk purchasing online costumes.