Episode 151: Too Sexy For My...

   Episode 151: This one probably isn't safe for work or kids.        We talk about how sexy cosplay as a notion has
     transformed the cosplay community.

Episode 154: Beautiful BlizzCon

   Episode 154: Val has seen the heavens, aka BlizzCon, and
     gives a review of the fan-thusiastic convention along with
     our CosPhilosophy on convention blacklisting.

Episode 157: Year in Review

   Episode 157: It's the end of our fifth year of broadcasting!
     We talk about our favorite parts of 2017, both inside and
     outside of the show.  Enjoy the montage!

Episode 153: Banana Phone

   Episode 153: See if you can find out where the title comes
     from!  We discuss cosplay news, updates, and Val has
     a tutorial on wig cutting tips.  

Episode 156: Whose Consent Is It?

   Episode 156: Two big stories have hit the cosplay news
     wire--a group attempting to trademark Cosplay is Not
     Consent, and another con is conned.  We discuss both!

Episode 159: 

   Episode 159:

Episode 152: Scary Shenanigans

   Episode 152: [NSFW] Our annual After Dark episode, 
     where we discuss Halloween, costumes, and related
     topics in a rather uncensored manner.  Enjoy!

Episode 155: Naughty or Nice?

   Episode 155: Have you been naughty or nice this year?  
     We provide our annual list of small, budget gifts that your
     fellow cosplayers might enjoy for the holidays.

Episode 158: 

   Episode 158:

Episode 160: 

   Episode 160: