Episode 141: Picture Perfect

   Episode 141: We tackle the topic of choosing the perfect
     locations for cosplay photoshoots both inside and
     outside of conventions.

Episode 144: For Love of Cosplay

   Episode 144: We have a more casual (but still just as
     wacky) episode discussing why we love cosplay and 
     have stuck with the hobby after all these years.

Episode 147: Great Con-undrums

   Episode 147: We discuss the fallout from FandomFest as
     well as the impact of expectations on a con; also, a
     preview of both InfiniCon and AnimeFest!

Episode 143: A-Kon Antics

   Episode 143: We review Project A-Kon 2017 for the vast
     majority of this episode--but Val has already started on
     her next costume in Cosplay Updates!

Episode 146: Strands of Silk

   Episode 146: We give a live product review and demo with
     Arda's new Silky Wigs line and answer a few of the
     audience's questions afterward.

Episode 149: Anime EarthQuake

   Episode 149: In this episode, we review AnimeFest as
     well as QuakeCon.  Stay tuned for the Aftersession, 
     where we talk about celebrity judges!

Episode 142: Convention Firsties

   Episode 142: We discuss tips and tricks for getting the
     most out of your first convention experience; stay tuned
     for the Aftersession where we talk WCS and ghosting!

Episode 145: Professor Petticoat

   Episode 145: We give a quick InfiniCon update and news
     before launching into a detailed tutorial on the making
    of petticoats.  Aftersession is Holidays and Hooligans!

Episode 148: Pattern Pleasantries

   Episode 148: We have cosplay updates, a review of
     InfiniCon, preview of AnimeFest, review of WCS skits,
     and a preview of patterns and costumes for fall 2017!

Episode 150: Cosplay Burnout

   Episode 150: Val tackles this one solo, chatting about the
     unspoken taboo that is cosplay burnout.  It's a great
     discussion about something we all go through.