Episode 131: Saint Amber's Fire

   Episode 131: We reach the end of 2016 with our yearly
     montage, favorite moments in cosplay from the past year,
     and predictions and plans for 2017.

Episode 134: The Paxening

   Episode 134: Cosplay updates (Amber has one this time!)
     as well as a quick review of Miss Universe costumes, 
     and Val reviews PAX South.

Episode 137: All-Con Aftermath

   Episode 137: All-Con has gonneth!  Yes, that was Val.  We
     discuss the aftermath of All-Con as well as previewing
     the new series Cosplay Melee on Syfy.

Episode 133: The Weathering Channel

   Episode 133: We update on all things cosplay (including
     the latest on All-Con's cosplay contest), and Val presents
     a weathering tutorial.

Episode 136: Visit with AmazonMandy

   Episode 136: Val holds down the fort while Amber was out
     of town; we interview the very talented AmazonMandy as
     well as preview the upcoming All-Con!

Episode 139: News and Novices

   Episode 139: We spend this episode discussing the load
     of news from the cosplay world, including convention
     announcements and Anime Expo's new contest rules.

Episode 132: Phoenix Down

   Episode 132: Amber returns with stories from Marvelous
     Nerd Year's Eve, All-Con contest signups have opened,
     and we discuss Phoenix CC's volunteer policy change.

Episode 135: No Stinkin' Badges

   Episode 135: We start off interviewing the very awesome
     Carl Martin of Shinka Studios, then regroup to debate the
     current pricing system for conventions and badges.

Episode 138: Munity and Melee

   Episode 138: Amber and Val team up to review cosplay
     app Cosmunity as well as the first two episodes of Syfy's
     Cosplay Melee series.  Enjoy!

Episode 140: Kon Appetit!

   Episode 140: We get down to business--the business of
     preparing and cooking food for conventions!  Stick around
     for the Aftersession where Amber learns what VKS is.