Episode 121: Finding Your Niche

   Episode 121: We discuss all the cosplay news stories
     from the past two weeks as well as talk about cosplaying
     as niche/lesser known characters.

Episode 124: Comics, Cons & Contests

   Episode 124: We discuss all kinds of cosplay news--
     NYCC, PAX West, 'costumer' vs 'cosplayer', changing
     skin tone for accuracy, and more!

Episode 127: Cool Cats Cosplay

   Episode 127: Cats cosplay?  Yep.  We cover cosplay in the
     news, which includes the latest trend, and Val presents
     an embossing tutorial.

Episode 123: Judge-ment Day

    Episode 123: We discuss all the latest in Halloween
     cosplay trends as well as how to talk to judges when
     competing in cosplay contests.

Episode 126: This is Halloween

   Episode 126: Our annual After Dark episode!  NSFW.  We
     discuss the latest in Halloween trends and cosplay
     fashions as related to costumers' favorite holiday.

Episode 129: Inception

   Episode 129: Cosplay news leads into a discussion about
     the inception of cosplay (for us, at least), as well as a
     tutorial on merging sewing patterns together.

Episode 122: Coordinating Contests

   Episode 122: The hosts share recent cosplay updates,
     review InfiniCon's cosplay contest, and discuss the ins
     and outs of running a cosplay contest.

Episode 125:  Making a List

    Episode 125: We talk cosplay news, TwitchCon's new VR
     cosplay contest, and best-of cosplay lists.  The 'cat-box'
     title on YouTube references the Aftersession.... :)

Episode 128: Big Things, Small Pkgs

   Episode 128: We chat about all sorts of geeky, creative
     gifts to give to your favorite cosplayer or costumer.  Merry

Episode 130: Fair Use

   Episode 130: Correspondent Kathryn reviews Blizzcon,
     cosplay news, and we talk about the recent Fair Use
     controversy over photoshopped cosplay in advertising.