Episode 111: All-Con Preview

   Episode 111: We preview the awesomeness that is 
     All-Con, including the cosplay contest presented by us
     truly!  We hope to see many friends and listeners there.

Episode 114: I Sense A Pattern

   Episode 114: We cover cosplaying for income, getting a
     cosplay degree, and how to draft your own patterns.  Yes,
     the cosplay degree is real.

Episode 117: Project A-Kon Review

   Episode 117: The fun never ends as we review the good
     and not-so-good of Project A-Kon 2016.  Lots of brand
     new cosplayers this year!

Episode 113: Presenting Panels

    Episode 113: We tackle a topic near and dear to both of
     our hearts--presenting panels effectively at conventions.
     We also have cosplay updates and news!

Episode 116: Project A-Kon Preview

   Episode 116: We cover cosplay in the news--grab your 
     popcorn, because there's a LOT of drama--and of course
     we preview the biggest con of our year, Project A-Kon!

Episode 119: Creating Your Fantasy

   Episode 119: We chat about the process of creating your
     original take on an established character as well as an
     article on whether cosplay is becoming corrupt.

Episode 112: Adulting

   Episode 112: We review the pros and cons of All-Con 
     2016, including our review of the cosplay and costume
     contests.  Thanks to all who participated!

Episode 115:  CosPod Crafting Corner

    Episode 115: We have a casual crafting episode as we
     recover from a long week at the dayjob.  Ask us anything!
     We of course cover cosplay in recent news as well.

Episode 118: How You Doin'?

   Episode 118: Amber covers procuring food at conventions
     and introduces InfiniCon while Va has even more cosplay
     updates for the upcoming RTX convention!

Episode 120: Magic Muscle Suits

   Episode 120: Val reviews RTX, and Amber joins in for a
     discussion on the merits of using muscle suits and
     padding to enhance one's cosplay appearance.