Episode 11: CosPacking

   Episode 11: TifaIA and Amber take you through the basics
     for convention survival.

Episode 14: Dyeing to Criticize

   Episode 14: Dyeing with fabric paint and foam, intro to
     EVA foam, and criticism in cosplay.

Episode 17: Cos-Stories

   Episode 17: The long-awaited episode is here.  We read
     your stories, tell some of our own, and talk eating at

Episode 13: Tut-tut

    Episode 13: Tutorials!  Duct tape dummy heads and
     sectioned staves.  Plus, we talk with Marika of Foxy

Episode 16: DFWCGLW

   Episode 16: Amber reviews the DFW Costumers' Guild
     Lost Weekend convention, and both hosts talk 
     AnimeFest in CosProjects.

Episode 19: Creation

   Episode 19: TifaIA talks the creation of wig wefts, Amber
     reviews a series of books on pattern creation by Rene
     Bergh, and we cover Simplicity vs Complexity in cosplay.

Episode 12: The A-ftermath

   Episode 12: Tifaia gives her review of Fanime, and both
     ladies talk Project A-Kon.  New Roundtable too!

Episode 15: Rambling Along

    Episode 15: We do a lot of rambling in this episode.  
     There's also a tutorial on basic hand sewing and a
     product review of some really cool paints.

Episode 18: AnimeFest 2012

   Episode 18: TifaIA and Amber review the convention as
     well as present an interview with Mike Iverson of Blind
     Squirrel Props.

Episode 20: Hetalia Twins

   Episode 20: This TifaIA-centered episode covers a local
     Hetalia gathering as well as an interview with Evil Twins