Episode 101: Halloween Hijinks

   Episode 101: Correspondents Katie and Bailey join Val
     and Amber to discuss the latest trends (and memes) in
     Halloween costumes for 2015.

Episode 104: Anime North Texas 2015

   Episode 104: We review (in great detail) the pros and cons
     of Anime North Texas 2015 as well as present an
     interview with cosplay guest Quantum Destiny.

Episode 107: South for the Winter

   Episode 107: Val previews PAX South 2016, and we have a
     civil discussion about the recent controversy regarding
     professional cosplay guests at conventions.

Episode 103: Cosplay News Network

    Episode 103: Cosplay news 24/7!  We have lots of news 
     to share along with a TwitchCon review by Kathryn and
     a discussion about the BlizzCon costume contest.

Episode 106: The Fourth is Strong

   Episode 106: We finish our fourth year strongly with a
     montage showing favorite moments from 2015, leading
     into our plans for 2016.  Happy fifth year, CosPod!

Episode 109: TLDR Drama Evrywhere

   Episode 109: We review Dallas Comic Con's cosplay
     contest, and yes, we cover the [current] drama
     fabric controversy gripping the cosplay community.

Episode 102: Lend Me Your Ears

   Episode 102: We preview Anime North Texas, review the
     new WCS documentary as well as give a short tutorial
     (and review!) on Aradani's latex elf ears.

Episode 105:  Competition Controversy

    Episode 105: Val solos this episode while Amber is away;
     lots of updates on cosplay in the news as well as the
     controversy in recent articles about cosplay competition.

Episode 108: Amber Has a Fev-er

   Episode 108: Val reviews her journey to PAX South 2016
     while Amber has a chance to interview one of her heroes
     of propmaking, Fev of Fev Studios.

Episode 110: Cosplay Constitution

   Episode 110: We cover a contest-judging article from
     Kotaku AU, choosing materials for a costume, and
     present a scroll saw tutorial from Amber.