Episode 1: Start From the Beginning

   Episode 1: Meeting the hosts, wig care part 1, craft foam, 
     and CosPhilosophy.

Episode 4: Mini A-Kon

   Episode 4: Mini A-Kon coverage as well as how to insert
     a centered zipper.

Episode 7: Competition

   Episode 7: All-Con recap, Anime Matsuri preview, and
     competition in cosplay.

Episode 3: Totally Biased

    Episode 3: Even more CosPhilosophy, making custom
     bias tape, and all about paints.

Episode 6: Montage

   Episode 6: Everything All-Con!  Convention coverage and
     a giant montage.

Episode 9: Content Overload

   Episode 9: Content overload!  Boot covers, armor
     planning, CosProjects, and weight in cosplay.

Episode 2: Gettin' Wiggy With It

   Episode 2: Wig care part 2, macrame, emergency repair
     kits, and a book review.

Episode 5: Circle Round

    Episode 5: Recent convention wrap-ups, previewing All-
     Con, circle skirts, and accuracy vs originality in cosplay.

Episode 8: Working Hard

   Episode 8: Anime Matsuri recap, what we're working on,
     wig cutting, paper mache, and our first interview.

Episode 10: Roundtable

   Episode 10: Roundtable!  We talk age in cosplay with
     Dany and Pharaoh.