Weekly Update Apr 16

Happy Easter, Podders!  (For those who celebrate, of course.)  Also, happy pre-taxes-are-due-day for those who live in the United States.  It has been a busy past couple of weeks!  We'll be recording episode 139 shortly; Amber was out of town on business.  (She does that a lot; she knows.)  We hope everyone's cosplay preparations have been going well, and that those who attended Fan Expo, WonderCon, Anime Matsuri, and Star Wars Celebration had a fantastic time.  So many cons!

Also, we'll be announcing this on the show for everyone to hear, but it is now official: we have been accepted as Press for both AnimeFest and Project A-Kon!  Such wonderful news!  Thanks very much to all of our well-wishers; we'll be preparing to bring you as much cosplay coverage as you all can handle (and as much as our hard drive will permit...).  Project A-Kon in particular is looking to have a good bevy of cosplay guests, and we're looking forward to the panels.  We'll hopefully have additional good news in the coming weeks to share.  We appreciate everyone who has emailed us with comments about the show!

Episode 138

Greetings from episode 138!  This is a review-heavy episode where we comb through the new Cosmunity app as well as the first -two- episodes of Cosplay Melee!  (We were originally only planning on reviewing the first episode, but it caught our fancy and we watched two episodes.)  We hope you enjoy it as well as the Aftersession.  Cosmunity can be found in the Android/Google Play Store, and Cosplay Melee can be found on the Syfy Channel at 10pm EDT Tuesday nights.  There are only 6 episodes this season, but Syfy has already started in on Season 2!

We have applied for Press to both Project A-Kon and AnimeFest; please wish us good luck!  Press credentials will help us get up close to the action so that we can give you all good-quality video.  We know that not everyone can afford to attend conventions, especially out of state/country, so we do our best to bring the convention to you.  We're happy to cover local conventions; unfortunately, we can only cover out of state/country conventions if we are invited guests due to costs.  Thanks so much!

Weekly Update Apr 2

Happy Truth Day!  By which we mean, Happy We All Survived April Fools' Day.  No jokes around here!  The cosplay world has been rife with news articles, a new TV show, and new apps.  You'll see all three in Episode 138 as we review the first two episodes of Cosplay Melee and the new Cosmunity app; we also made sure to record an Aftersession for you all.  

Second, we'd like to wish everyone at WonderCon and Fan Expo/Dallas Comic Con a very happy experience!  We have heard of the issues experienced at Fan Expo, but we hope that everyone was still able to mostly enjoy themselves.  Conventions are supposed to be fantastic places to make new friends, greet old ones, and take pleasure in shared fandom regardless of age, gender, or beliefs.  It's one of the few places where it is celebrated to be a geek.

Lastly, we may have some good news to share with you all soon....stay tuned.  :)

Episode 137

Episode 137 cometh...and gonneth!  (Yes, Val titled the episode this time.)  We have completed another year of All-Con, and we spend most of this episode reviewing the aftermath.  All in all, we account All-Con XIII a success.  Whether we will be back for next year's cosplay contest is still up in the air, but we'll announce one way or the other as soon as we know for sure.

We're starting content for next episode already, and we wanted to ask Podders for your opinions on a couple of things--namely the new series Cosplay Melee and the new app called Cosmunity.  Let us know about your experience and/or opinions with both!  We'll be talking about them both shortly on upcoming episodes.

Lastly, we'd like to wish our friends who are competing in the Fan Expo cosplay contest(s) good luck!  There has been a -lot- of work put into those costumes, and we're proud of both their effort and dedication to the art of cosplay.  We hope the contest goes well and that all the contestants have a great time!

Weekly Update Mar 19

Hello from All-Con!  Or more accurately, hello from the aftermath of All-Con.  The cosplay contest went very well, very smoothly--we could not have asked for better.  Thank you to all the helpers, participants, staffers, audience members, and sponsors!  All the information is available on the homepage, along with a list of our winners.  We appreciate you all!

Next up will be Project A-Kon, but we have another couple months to prepare for that, so we will take a little time to decompress and tend to our mundane lives (dayjobs and such) before picking things back up.  However!  We're already planned the next few episodes out--you can look forward to a cosplay app review, an episode on cooking for conventions, and more.  We may even have another interview up our sleeve!

Lastly: we have applied for press at Project A-Kon and will be applying to AnimeFest.  We hope to be approved soon!  We'd love to bring you all maximum content from the convention floor, and being press helps with that as it allows us early entry to set up our equipment and make sure everything is working.  (Plus, better seats mean better audio/video.)  Cross your fingers!

Episode 136

Hello to episode 136!  Val holds down the fort while Amber takes some time off to go do her second dayjob.  In this episode, we interview the very talented AmazonMandy as well as preview All-Con!  Only a few days left to sign up for the cosplay contest on Friday night; please use this as an opportunity for a low-stress competition environment--you can learn to walk the stage for the first time, or do a test run with your competition costume for Fan Expo.  Earn some really cool prizes while you're there!

Please check out the new weekly article on our homepage; David Doub's new book is a great addition to the cosplay community and is donating all proceeds to a pair of worthy charities with local chapters.  We always encourage cosplayers to donate time and/or funds to a worthy charity of your choice; the community has been wonderful about this and we greatly appreciate them.  
Thanks as well to David Doub for being willing to delve into the backstories of these cosplayers and their cosplays; there is more to being a cosplayer than photos and media articles can tell.  We wish him much success!

Weekly Update Mar 5

The weekly update has arrived! A little late, but still before the end of the evening.  We have a great new article for this week on the homepage from the GeekDad blog--check it out!

Signups for the Friday Night Cosplay Contest at All-Con are still going.  Give your costume a test-run before the big event at Fan Expo or even Project A-Kon!  Win some awesome prizes that will help you make your costume even better, and have fun while doing it (win-win, right?).  The entry form and details can be found on our homepage.

Lastly: the release of episode 136 may be ever-so-slightly delayed.  We've filmed the content, but between Amber being out of town and having a major exam this week, and All-Con being next week, we're a bit behind in production.  Fear not!  We hope to have everything in place ASAP for your listening pleasure, as always.  Thanks so much for sticking with us!

Episode 135

Episode 135 is presented for your viewing pleasure!  We interview the awesome Carl Martin of Shinka Studios, then delve into the current pricing system for conventions and badges.  It's a lively discussion all around; huge thanks again to Carl for sitting down with his during his busy schedule!

Next episode we have another fantastic interview to share with you, along with a preview of All-Con; the time is fast approaching! We've seen in-progress shots of costumes as well as finished costumes, and they're impressive.  We hope to see many friends both new and old while there; Amber will be there Friday and Saturday (Val is still working out her schedule).

Finally, there has been a lot of drama going around recently--we encourage people to share positive stories about cosplay (such as the one on our homepage!) to help set a good example for what we want our community to be.  Thanks so much!

Weekly Update Feb 19

Weekly update!  We're so excited, Podders--Val and I just recorded two phenomenal interviews, and we'll be presenting those to you over the next two episodes.  First up, releasing next week, will be Amber's sit-down with Carl Martin of Shinka Studios; we'll also be chatting about convention and badge pricing as an industry-wide practice.  Next episode, releasing the weekend of March 11-12, we'll have our sit-down with Mandy of AmazonMandy fame as well as our All-Con preview!  Much fun to be had; we're grateful to both artists for sitting down with us for a quick interview.  Thank you again!

In the meantime: All-Con is approaching quickly.  We highly encourage you to sign up early if you plan to participate in the contest--it makes our planning lives much easier if we have an approximate headcount going in.  While we know that many local Podders will be participating in the Dallas Comic Con contest, we also encourage you to consider the All-Con cosplay contest as a sort of dry-run if that is your plan.  We have a very low-stress, supportive atmosphere for participants, as well as skilled, award-winning judges who know their craft to choose our winners.  Please consider joining us!

Episode 134

Episode 134 is nigh!  See below for the content, and remember that you can watch the Aftersession on our YouTube channel.  Also, we've added a new article of the week on our homepage--check out the cool piece from Anadolu Agency about the growth of cosplay in Nairobi, Kenya.

With the explosive growth of cosplay all over the world, we'd like to invite cosplayers new and old to tune into our show; if you've enjoyed us in the past, please consider sharing a link to our feed or our homepage.  Or heck, even our Facebook page!  All of our info is on the homepage, including our new Twitch channel.  We'd like to spread the love as much as possible, and can't do it without your help.  We're not asking for money or sponsorship.  Just a share or two on the web, and you'll have our gratitude.

That said--we sincerely appreciate everyone who downloads the show and writes us a note about cosplay.  Whether it's about the show itself, or about your latest cosplay-in-progress, or asking us a question about technique--we appreciate each one.

Weekly Update Feb 5

Weekly update time!  We just finished recording episode 134 yesterday, and we hope it's as much fun to watch as it was to film.  We'll chat about All-Con updates, mundane cosplay updates (Amber actually has one this time!), and a review of PAX South.  Keep an eye out for the Aftersession; it's Val's turn to get on the Soapbox of Ranting +3 this time.

We also announced one of our Best in Show prizes yesterday--a full airbrush kit with compressor included!  We used our budget this year to get fewer, but better quality prizes per the feedback we received from last year's contest.  (We really do listen to you guys!)  We encourage you all to sign up for the contest, whether it's your first time or twentieth time competing.

Finally, but DEFINITELY not least: we'd like to give a shoutout to Ejen of Cosplay in America--not just for being a supporter of the show, but for continuing his impeccable documentary-style journalism in cosplay.  Check out his FB and his blog!

Episode 133

Hello to episode 133!  We chat about updates in cosplay (including All-Con), and Val presents a tutorial on weathering.  It's been a busy January for us, and February will only be more busy as we prepare in earnest for All-Con in March.  PAX South just completed its second year, and there are more conventions just around the corner.

Remember to sign up for the All-Con cosplay contest!  We run the Friday night version, and the Saturday night contest is for costumers with a slightly different setup.

Lastly: a reminder that we have joined Twitch TV--please feel free to follow us there; we'll be hosting our episodes there (so you can watch through the Twitch app) as well as any crafting livestreams we have.  This way you can interact with your fellow Podders (and occasionally us!) while you watch the show.  Any ads you see are from Twitch, not us.  See you there!

Weekly Update Jan 22

Weekly update! I know, there hasn't been one in awhile.  I'm now ensuring I update the website weekly with our new feature Article of the Week on our homepage; we want to keep people engaged with and informed about the cosplay community and its goings-on, so we're choosing a new article each week to share with you.

Val will be out at PAX South this coming weekend, but fear not!  Episode 133 will release on time, and we'll hear her review of the convention in episode 134.  We hope everyone heading to San Antonio has a safe, fun time (and takes lot of pictures)!

Lastly: All-Con's cosplay contest signups for Friday night are live--check out our homepage for the rules, signup page, and info about our judges for this year.  We hope that people will consider participating and showing off their talents.  This is our third year running the contest, and we're always efficient about it--things will go just fine.  See you guys next week with episode 133!

Episode 132

Episode 132 is here--on time!  Also note the changes in the website--we're reducing it down to focus more on the show; we do apologize for those using our Directory or Tutorials/Resources page--we simply don't have the time to keep those links updated as pages move or change.  If you're looking for those sorts of pages, though, please take a look at groups in Facebook such as Cosplay Tutorials or The Replica Prop Forum; both are fantastic resources.

This episode, we're chatting about Marvelous Nerd Year's Eve, All-Con, and Phoenix Comic-Con.  Phew!  Lots to cover.  We have opened signups for All-Con's Friday night cosplay contest, and all the details--including the rules and judges--are on our homepage.  We've also updated our 2017 convention list so that you guys know where to find us!  If you'd like to see us at your local convention, please take a look at the booking info at the bottom of our homepage.  We're very easygoing guests.  Hope everyone's New Year has gotten off to a great start!

Episode 131

Episode 131 is here! Amber forgot to stick in the update for 130, but it did release on time.  The holidays are a very busy, chaotic time for both hosts, and sometimes things get lost in the chaos.  But!  We have completed five years of broadcasting and officially begun our sixth!  There will be some changes in the show--most notably, they'll be shorter, closer to 30 min rather than the 60+ min extravaganza we've been having.  We're trying to match better what our listeners are seeking from us as a podcast, so if you have suggestions, please feel free to send them.  The shows will still have quality content and all the quirkiness you've come to expect from us as hosts.

That said, the website will be changing slightly too--we simply don't have the time to keep up-to-date with the tutorial and directory entries on our site (as people's pages change and go offline/move), so we're removing those for now to focus more on the podcast itself.  We hope it helps streamline things on people's phones and computers!

Episode 130

See above for update!

Episode 129

129 is here! We weren't late on release, Amber was just late putting them up on the CosPod official website and feed.  If you ever see a lag in website updates, check our YouTube channel--Val is diligent in keeping that up to date.  

Please take a look at our homepage if you haven't already--we put up a message thanking our audience and supporters for helping us make it through five years of broadcasting.  FIVE YEARS!  We never thought the podcast would go this long, and we're still going (already have our next episode in planning for 2017).  We cannot say thank you enough to our fans.

In the meantime, we would like to wish our fellow northerners Happy Holidays, Happy Summer Solstice to our fellow southerners, and a beautiful and blessed New Year to all.  May your cosplay in 2017 be cheap, plentiful, quick, comfortable, and look awesome on you!

Episode 128

See episode 129 above for update!

Episode 127

Episode 127 has released!  Amber apologizes for it being a little late on the feed; she was out being a panelist/speaker this weekend.  Val and her team were off doing their Extra Life stream this weekend--they met their charity goal!  Congrats to their team and all of the other teams who participated (as well as those yet to participate--here's looking at you, RoosterTeeth).

As the year draws to its conclusion, we're getting ready for our annual end-of-year episode.  Please keep sending your suggestions for the montage!  It's one of the most fun episodes we do during the entire year.  This will cap five years of broadcasting for us, and we're still astonished we've made it this year.  Thank you all so much for the support!

Lastly: even though Extra Life is over, there are still people in need all over the world; charities would still welcome your generosity if you are able to give either time or money (or both) to help out.  All we ask is that you consider it.  Thanks!

Episode 126

Helloooooo episode 126!  This is our annual 'After Dark' episode, which means it's not as family friendly as our show typically is.  In other words, if you enjoy listening to us out loud normally, we recommend headphones or earbuds for this episode if you are at work or other sensitive environments.

As usual, we cover the latest in Halloween trends and cosplay fashions for this episode, including the newest patterns from Simplicity and McCall as well as costumes from Party City and Spirit Halloween.  Amber also briefly reviews her experience at Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF).

This is the time of year when we push for people to donate time or money to charitable efforts; our homepage has a few of our favorite charities, and we also support the ongoing Extra Life streams from our friends and partners.  Thank you all!

Episode 125

Hello October!  It's so nice to have cooler temps outside.  Amber is not happy about the ragweed, however.  What do cooler temperatures mean?  More opportunity for working on cosplay!  (Because spraypainting outside when it's 100 degrees is unpleasant at best.  Also, resin casting goes wonky too.)  We hope that everyone preparing to attend Dallas Comic Con and Anime North Texas are having good luck in their cosplay endeavors.

We are fast approaching Halloween, and that means it will be time for our annual After Dark episode.  What does that mean?  It means all censors will be off, adult drinks may be involved, and special guests (schedule permitting)!  This is the one time a year when we tend to go a little off of the 'family friendly' rails when chatting about the newest costume trends of the year.  Bear that in mind when we record our next episode.  :)

Amber will be out at Texas Renaissance Festival this month and will have stories and pictures to share.  Take care, everyone!

Episode 124

Episode 124!  On time!  Amber managed to take a little time away from sewing to update things; please check out our homepage as it has charity information--we do support charitable donation and giving this time of year (all times of year, really) as this tends to be a time when families are most in need.  Please consider donating money or time to one of the three charities listed on our homepage or a local charity of your choosing!

Note: for the next month, episodes may not release on time; Amber apologizes in advance, but her work schedule for the next month is very chaotic and involves working during what would be our normal recording times.  So we'll record and release when we can, as best as we can.  Thank you for your patience with us, Podders, she says.

Lastly: please continue sending your suggestions for end-of-year montage clips!  We love to receive fanmail.  It makes our day. Of course there will be clips of Amber and fire, but we'd like to include your recommendations as well.  Let us know!

Episode 123

We're back! Sort of.  Val has returned from PAX West, but with return comes the usual exhaustion and easing back into Real Life that comes with conventioning.  Have no fear!  We will be back to our normal recording and releasing schedule this weekend.

As we edge towards fall, we encourage our Podders to send in suggestions for clips and episodes we should include in our end-of-year montage.  This is the end of our FIFTH YEAR of podcasting, and there's plenty of material to go 'round!  Amber usually has an entry or two (or three or four) involving fire.  Feel free to suggest your own!  We love community involvement.

We'd also like to suggest considering being involved in charity; this time of year brings PAX (Child's Play), Extra Life (Extra Life), and drives for Children's Miracle Network among others.  If you can't give money, that's okay--consider donating your time in cosplay with a local Heroes chapter and help give kiddos in the hospital a great day.  (Check in with the hospital first!)

Episode 122

Episode 122 is here to start your week off right!  We review InfiniCon's cosplay contest, present our latest cosplay updates, and discuss a recent hot forums topic--the ins and outs of running a cosplay contest.  (We've had quite a bit of experience!)  We hope everyone's preparations for DragonCon and PAX West (formerly PAX Prime) are going well.

Speaking of PAX West, Val is feverishly preparing!  There will be a convention cosplay review once she returns.

There will be a convention gap for us between PAX West and the winter season, so if there are any topics you'd like us to cover, please let us know.  We're always happy to take suggestions from the audience.  Thanks so much for downloading the show! We appreciate it more than you guys know.

Episode 121

Episode 121 is now here!  We're back from InfiniCon, and we're exhausted (even only being there for one day).  Val is already back to work on commissions and preparations for AnimeFest next weekend, and Amber is getting over being sick (thanks to Patient Zero at the con...grrrrrr).  So for now, please enjoy our discussions in episode 121, and we'll give the review for InfiniCon next episode.

We hope those who attended the Dallas Comic Book Show, QuakeCon, InfiniCon, and OmniCon all had fantastic weekends.  The pictures have been great!  Please keep sharing them with us.

Lastly, massive thanks to those who helped us run the cosplay contest.  We literally could not have done it without you!  For now, we need some down time (well, Val gets one after PAX West, and Amber gets one between now and mid-October).  Take care!

Episode 120

Episode 120 has arrived!  Just in time for your Dallas Comic Book Show, QuakeCon, and InfiniCon preparations.  Val reviews RTX (RoosterTeeth Expo), and we discuss the merits of using muscle suits and padding to enhance one's cosplay appearance.  (This was brought up by a forum post on a popular propmaking group's page.)

Only one week remains until InfiniCon!  We encourage last minute cosplay contest signups; the prize packs include generous donations from McCall, Tama Software, Golden D'Or, and American Art Clay Company (AMACO)!  There are also cash prizes for the best in category and best in show winners.  This is InfiniCon's first year, and we'd like to set them up for success.

We hope the preparations for AnimeFest, DragonCon, and PAX West (formerly PAX Prime) are going well for everyone.  Best of luck in your cosplay journeys!

Episode 119

Happy July!  Here's episode 119 for your enjoyment--along with an Aftersession!  Yes, we know the Aftersession has been gone for a little while; unfortunately, sometimes our day jobs get in the way of recording.  However, we made sure to make extra time during this session.

Val was out at the North Texas Comic Book Show hosting panels and seeing the sights of awesome cosplay this weekend; a review--along with the review of RTX--will be coming next episode, along with another controversial topic that hit the airwaves this past couple of weeks.  We hope you'll tune in and share your thoughts!  We'll be recording next Saturday afternoon.

Lastly: we know there have been multiple events in the news lately.  Please try your best to be safe--whether you are out and about in cosplay or hunting Pokemon along with the rest of the world.  Have fun!  See you next episode.

Episode 118

Welcome Podders!  A new episode is coming online tonight; Val is off at RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo) while Amber is holding down the fort at home (and watching the neighbors' cats, haha).  We hope everyone celebrating the Fourth of July has a lovely holiday weekend; there's a ton of conventions going on this weekend, not the least of which are RTX and Anime Expo.

Of course, if you aren't at a convention--that's okay!  It's a great time to be working on cosplay; many places have big sales on Fourth of July weekend, and you can pick up some future supplies at a good discount.  If you need winter fabrics, this is the best time to pick them up as they are at their best prices.  (Also a good time to pick up swimsuits if you are planning swimsuit cosplays--stores tend to clearance them out for incoming fall collections starting in July.)

If you're looking for a good place to enter your first cosplay competition--allow us to suggest InfiniCon!  It's a convention in their first year, and we are running their Saturday night cosplay contest.  Details are listed on our homepage--we hope to see many of you there, and many of you competing.  Happy Independence Day!

Episode 117

Hiya Podders! We're back!  Back from Project A-Kon, that is.  Apologies for forgetting to put episode 116 up onto the main podcast embed page; we were pretty frazzled the weekend leading up to the Kon.  But it's past, and we're already preparing for the next set of conventions on our plates (PAX West for Val, InfiniCon for Amber).  You can find all the juicy A-Kon info on our homepage as well as on our Facebook page.

With this being the summer break between conventions (for us), we're always looking to hear from our listeners.  What would you like us most to cover?  What piques your fancy about cosplay?  What would you like to hear us talk about?  We're always happy to take suggestions and questions from our audience.  (We can't promise to cover every topic, but we will certainly do our best.)  Thanks for downloading the show, and many thanks for sharing our page!!

Episode 116

Here's episode 116! As is tradition, this is our Project A-Kon preview.  We've been feverishly working on preparations, both cosplay and volunteer, for the Kon over the last month, and it has really kept us busy.  However, we wanted to make sure to preview a few panels that we found interesting in case our audience wanted to attend.  For those who cannot attend, we will of course be filming panels and bringing them to you via our YouTube channel.

Val will also be presenting three awesome academic panels, and Amber will be performing the ribbon cutting on the new Konbuki (J-Pop and J-Entertainment) Room!  Outside of that, we hope to also interview many of the cosplay guests that the Kon has brought on board for this year.  We will bring you all as much as our schedule allows.

For those at Fanime this weekend, we hope you are all having a great time!  There has also been more cosplay in the news, so we'll have a lot to talk about in our next episode--which will be filmed after we return from the Kon.  Ja ne!  See you there!

Episode 115

Episode 115 has been released!  We needed a somewhat casual episode after a rough week at our dayjobs, so we present an episode of crafting and Ask Us Anything.  We'll be back in form next episode with a preview of Project A-Kon!

Speaking of Project A-Kon, there will be an update on our homepage early this week.  I [Amber] realize it's been awhile since the last update, and I know that I have dropped off updating this page on a weekly basis--for that, I apologize; I've been scant on free time due to being a cosplay coordinator for multiple conventions as well as still participating in symphony as a professional musician and holding down a demanding dayjob.  Oh, and working on cosplay once in awhile.  :)  I will try my best to do better once we've passed Project A-Kon and I'm not so frantically occupied.

We hope that our listeners celebrated a lovely Mother's Day, and we hope everyone's cos-capades are going well.  Fanime is coming soon, and then...Project A-Kon!

Episode 114

May the Fourth be with you!  Yeah, we figured we'd get you used to hearing that before the actual day comes around.  :)  So, in advance, Happy Star Wars Day.  Wear your favorite Star Wars gear and cosplay!  (But only wear it to work if your dayjob allows it.)  Also, Happy Cinco de Mayo for those of our fans who celebrate it.

We took a short break this episode to cover more cosplay in the news as well as presenting a tutorial on how to draft your own patterns froms scratch.  Val is much better at that sort of thing, so she's the emcee in this episode.  (Amber just bought Simplicity 8160 and 8129 because she enjoys commercial patterns.)

Frantic Fanime and A-Kon preparations continue at the CosPod clubhouse!  Fanime is coming up at the end of this month, and Project A-Kon will be at the beginning of next month.  Both conventions are looking to be fantastic, and we'll of course have full reports for you when we return.  (We plan to have that episode out fairly promptly as well; All-Con was an outlier in terms of recording schedule.)  Best of luck on everyone's cosplay preparations!  Ganbatte!

Episode 113

ANOTHER episode?!? Yup!  We've got all sorts of fun for you this episode as we tackle a topic near and dear to both our hearts: presenting effective panels at conventions.  This was one of those things brought on by seeing fellow panelists a bit unsure of themselves, of their content, and how to present it well for their given audience; both of us have a LOT of experience giving public presentations, and we wanted to offer some tips and tricks of the trade.

All-Con has faded into the distance, and Project A-Kon is rapidly approaching (a little -too- rapidly, some might say).  And after that, it's on to Infinicon and beyond!  (By which we mean DragonCon.)  So many projects to work on, so little time--we know that many of the Podders know that feeling all too well.

As always, immense thanks and appreciation to the Podder nation for sticking with the show.  We love you all!  :D

Episode 112

What's this? What's this? There's CosPod on the air!  That's right; we have a double release for you!  Back to back weekend releases.  To get back on schedule, we're giving you episode 112 fresh from the editing table.  Episode 113 will be recorded this coming weekend as we would normally.

All-Con was a blast!  There were pros and cons of course, as with every convention, and we detail them in this review episode. We hope that everyone who attended had a good time, and we'd like to give a special thank you to con staff, audience members, helpers, and contest participants for joining us in putting on the Friday night cosplay contest.  THANK YOU!  We couldn't have done it without your help.  We've gotten suggestions and requests for how to improve next year's contest.  We hope to see many of you back, and many more of you joining for the first time.

Until then, however, we have PLENTY of convention prep to keep us busy, and we also just recorded segments with our correspondents!  We haven't forgotten them; getting everyone's schedules to match is difficult sometimes.  But we're glad we were able to get back with them for updates on the latest in convention news and cosplay updates.