Weekly Update Sept 3

Look! It's an update!  I know, it's been a long time in coming.  It has been -really- busy in terms of convention season!  This weekend was both DragonCon and PAX West/Prime, and many of our friends have sent us awesome pictures.  We wished we were there!  Here's to hoping that everyone who attended had a magnificent time.

We now have a short hiatus between conventions; Val will be prepping for BlizzCon and has taken some down time to get professional pictures of her costumes in the meantime--which is a great thing for cosplayers to do, if you're looking to fill out your portfolio.  (The best pictures aren't always taken at conventions!)  Amber is preparing for Texas Renaissance Festival, which begins next month.

Lastly: we are coming up fast on charity season, especially for the Extra Life teams.  If you have leftover money from your convention season, please consider saving it to donate.  We'll have more information on charities soon.

Episode 148

Welcome to episode 148!  This is one of our most fun episodes in awhile; we cover a LOT of ground in the process.  We have cosplay updates, a review of InfiniCon's cosplay contest, a preview of AnimeFest, review of World Cosplay Summit skits, and a preview of fall patterns and costumes!  Whew!

We're pretty tired from the last month's worth of work and will be glad to have a bit of a break before the fall convention season gets under way in earnest.  We've still got Texas Renaissance Festival and BlizzCon coming up, and perhaps even Anime North Texas?  Time will tell!

Lastly: we'd like to send our best wishes and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  While we are safe and dry up here in Dallas/Fort Worth, we have many friends and colleagues down in the Houston area, and we encourage people to help out in whatever ways you can--donations, housing, or time, all are welcome.

Episode 147

Hello Podders!  We've got episode 147 for you.  In this edition, we talk about the importance of communication from conventions and meeting expectations from attendees.  We've also got an Aftersession for your enjoyment!

It has been very busy around the casas de CosPod; we just finished a successful contest at InfiniCon this past weekend, and we've got AnimeFest coming up this weekend!  We'd like to give a huge shoutout and thank you to our judges, helpers, participants, audience members, and to the staff of InfiniCon for having us back this year.  Always a pleasure to serve the community!

Last--but definitely not least--congratulations to all of the participants in World Cosplay Summit 2017, and congratulations to the winning team China!  They had a phenomenal presentation; give it a watch on YouTube along with all the other contestants.

Episode 146

Here is episode 146!  We have a live product review for you on Arda's new Silky Wigs line as well as answering some general questions from the audience.  It's a more casual episode as we're spending time prepping for upcoming conventions (as we're sure many of our fans are!).  We definitely saw some fantastic photos of cosplay from San Diego Comic Con.

We encourage people to continue signing up for InfiniCon--the more, the merrier!  Reminder that our contest is on Saturday this year, but it's still the same cosplay contest as last year.  (The cosTUME contest is on Friday this year.)  We're doing cash prizes this year instead of swag per feedback from contestants and audience members, and we have some awesome judges for you.

Finally, we'd like to wish the contestants at World Cosplay Summit this year good luck!  Ganbatte!  Keep an eye on WCS' Facebook for the link to watch live--you have to sign up to watch a time-shift version if you live in the States and can't watch live.

Episode 145

We have episode 145 here for you!  Val and Amber give a quick cosplay news update along with some InfiniCon items before launching into a detailed tutorial on the making of petticoats.  Val says she is buried in ruffles.

San Diego Comic Con is coming up very soon!  We hope those attending will have a phenomenal time and show off their best cosplay.  More of the big conventions are coming up shortly as well, so there are plenty of opportunities to strut your stuff.  

We've posted a new article on our homepage about PAWmicon; please consider adopting one of their adorable pups if you are a good candidate to be a pet owner!  Val and Amber can attest that a pet can be one of the best friends you'll ever have.

Lastly: please don't forget--or delay--to sign up for InfiniCon's cosplay contest!  We hope to see many of you there.

Weekly Update July 9

Hello July and a hot Texas summer!  We have officially passed the halfway point of the year and are heading towards winter (Amber refuses to say "Winter is coming").  Yet convention season is in full swing; DragonCon, BlizzCon, and PAX are all coming up, along with AnimeFest, InfiniCon, and more!  So much to do in so little time.

We have finished our recording of episode 145 with a monster tutorial from Val!  No, not literally monsters--it's a lovely petticoat tutorial that happens to be monstrously detailed and awesome!  We hope you enjoy.  Both Amber and Val are hard at work on their next projects; Amber also discusses a subject very rarely touched in the community--cosplay fatigue.

Lastly (but DEFINITELY not least), please sign up for InfiniCon's cosplay contest if you'll be in the DFW area on August 12!  We're on a Saturday this year and would love to see everyone compete for cash prizes.  See you there!

Episode 144

Greetings from episode 144!  We are back on schedule with our episode releases and had another wacky-but-casual time.  This episode we discuss the things we like/appreciate about cosplay and what keeps us going in the hobby.  Keep an eye out for the end-of-year montage; you might catch Amber in her 'natural habitat.'  :)

For now, we are on a bit of a cosplay hiatus while we prepare for InfiniCon's cosplay contest (which we will be running, not competing in!) as well as AnimeFest.  Val is attempting to complete one more costume while Amber is on break doing training for her dayjob.  (Gotta pay for cosplay somehow!)  We hope all those at Anime Expo this weekend are having a great time, and best of luck to those competing for positions on Team USA via the World Cosplay Summit qualifier!

As always, thanks very much for listening to and downloading the show.  We appreciate each and every one of you!

Weekly Update June 25

Apologies for the missed update last week!  We were rather busy processing media after the Kon.  We have released episode 143 for your listening and viewing pleasure as we review everything that was Project A-Kon 2017.  There was a LOT to cover, so this episode is a bit longer than average.  We hope you enjoy it!  

Now that A-Kon is over, we continue through to the next stop in our convention season: InfiniCon.  We are humbled and grateful to be bringing you the Saturday Night Cosplay Contest this year (the contests are switching nights--the Costume Contest that was formerly on Saturday has moved to Friday, and ours has moved to Saturday night); more information can be found at http://infinicon.net--our signup page is up on the cosplay track.

Lastly: summer sales are going strong, and next weekend will be no exception--now is a good time to pick up winter fabrics and notions for your winter-based cosplay and save a bit of money!

Episode 143

See above entry for updates!

Episode 142

Episode 142 has been released for your convention planning purposes!  Val titled this one 'Convention Firsties', which she tells Amber is a 'thing' the kids say nowadays.  Cosplay elders aside, this episode is jam-packed with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your first convention, whether it's Project A-Kon or elsewhere.

Speaking of Project A-Kon, this is the last update before we head out to Fort Worth!  We beg your indulgence in website updates as we'll be kept pretty busy with filming panels and interviewing cosplay guests.  We'll do our best to bring you the content as quickly as possible; we're planning our filming schedule this weekend to make sure we get the best coverage.

We hope everyone heading to the con has a chance to have a great time with friends.  See you there!