CosPod: About the Hosts

About the Hosts

Hi everyone!  We're Amber and Val, the hosts of CosPod.  We are teachers and aficianados of cosplay, and we enjoy bringing tutorials, interviews, philosophical discussions, and news to those who share our passion of the art.  We spend part of the year attending conventions and doing our CosPod thing; you've probably seen us with microphones and/or video cam in hand!

Here's a little of our backgrounds, in alphabetical order of names.

Amber: the Webmaster and Founder  

I've been sewing for about 16 years and cosplaying nearly that long as a hobbyist; I do work full time at a mundane job, and I'm a part-time symphony musician on the side.  (It helps finance my cosplay hobby.)   I tend to gravitate towards the anime and fantasy genres, mostly because I'm rather fond of sorcerers, elves, and magical girls.  Most of the time, my ambition is greater than my talent, haha.  I have won a couple of awards in competition, and I'm constantly pushing to improve my skills.  As far as podcasting goes though, I actually prefer being the power behind the throne, not the person sitting on it.

  • What cosplay do you feel the most proud for completing?  Definitely my Arwen Chase Dress from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.  I did a lot of research on the details (thank you AlleyCatScratch) and worked for months trying to make everything as accurate as possible.  The costume is fully lined (except the bodice), and it's comfy as can be.

  • What is the most stupid injury you've had from cosplaying or crafting?  Eh, I think the only major injury I've ever had while doing either one was puncturing a finger with an Exacto knife, and that was very stupid, I admit.  Generally, I'm good about not hurting myself while cosplaying or crafting--I'm much more likely to injure myself while motorcycling or spinning fire poi.  :)

  • Why did you start CosPod?  I started CosPod not because I wanted to be a podcaster--I actually prefer being the one behind the camera rather than on it--but I wanted a podcast I could watch to help me increase my skill levels and learn more about the art.  For the life of me, I couldn't find one, so I started talking to other, more skilled artisans to get an idea of where to begin.  Then I realized just how much there was to cosplay, and that someone should bring this expertise and knowledge to the wider cosplay audience.  After getting together some equipment, a page of ideas, and a double handful of courage, I opted to team up with Val to launch CosPod.  So here we are!

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Val: the Editor and Producer

The name is Valerie, but I cosplay and game under TifaIA. 27, sewing for roughly 15 years, but cosplaying for 3. I got into the hobby as a rebellion against the Halloween wall of skin. It was so much fun making my own costume that I didn’t want to stop. For me cosplay is an artistic way to show my fandom. I was never big on fanfics. I can barely draw stick figures. But sewing and embroidery has always been an easy task for me.

  • What cosplay do you feel the most proud for completing?  Lady Eboshi is still one that I’m incredibly proud of after all of this time. I spent months researching to make sure I had everything historically accurate, and was glad I could achieve it.

  • What is the most stupid injury you've had from cosplaying or crafting?  I’ve been really lucky to not have seriously injured myself. However, just today I managed to jam a needle into my finger while changing out the presser foot on my machine.

  • When was your first convention?  Which convention was it?  Project A-Kon 17, which was held in 2006.

  • If you could be any fictional animal, what would it be and why?  I’m going to say Ryo-Ohki from the Tenchi Muyo series. Not only is it a cute cabbit (a rabbit, cat mix), but it transforms into humans and spaceships!  Automatic awesome right there.

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